The latest additions to Scolmore’s ClickSmart+ Home Automation range

The latest additions to Scolmore’s ClickSmart+ Home Automation range

Katie Plumstead, Group Marketing Manager at Scolmore Group, looks at some of the latest additions to the company’s ClickSmart+ Home Automation range.

Scolmore continues to develop its ClickSmart+ home automation range to bring an ever increasing selection of accessible, easy to install and operate, smart solutions to market – benefitting the end user, installer and wholesaler.

In the last twelve months alone, the company has added numerous products to the range, as it listens to feedback from contractors working on the job and comes up with solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Smart home decor

At the beginning of the year a raft of decorative smart sockets was added to the range to meet the demand from consumers and building owners for more stylish finishes for the smart products on display in their homes and properties. 1 and 2-gang smart sockets were introduced in some of the company’s most popular ranges – Definity screwless, Deco+ premium decorative and Deco decorative wiring accessories ranges. These joined the established and highly popular range of Mode antimicrobial and antiviral smart products.

This was followed by the launch of the Click Smart+ Smart Scenario Switch which is designed to control lights and appliances from any location. The battery-powered wireless smart scenario switch allows the control of multiple lights and appliances, and with one click, you can create multiple smart solutions, bringing added convenience, comfort, security, energy saving and control in the home.

There are many possibilities. You can create different atmospheres for each room by personalising the lights; you can pair the smart switch to the ClickSmart+ or ESP Fort Security devices to enhance security; you can set routines for lights and appliances to turn on and off as required to help create a more energy efficient home.

Smart lighting effects

In July the collection of smart home products was extended once again with the introduction of the Smart RGBW LED Tape Controller. This is a wireless control solution that allows you to regulate LED tape lighting whenever and wherever you are via the ClickSmart+ App.

The Smart LED Tape Controller can be used with the ClickSmart+ App to create a wide range of lighting effects to suit the mood or occasion required. There are three different modes available – White, Colour and Music. White mode allows control of the brightness of the LED tape, while with the Colour (RGB) mode you can choose any colour to create a range of lighting effects. With the ClickSmart+ App open and set to ‘Music’ the LED tape will change colour with the music.

The new controller also offers dimming and saturation adjustment features to help create the right light setting at all times of the day. It is compatible with all current Ovia LED Tape variants and requires the ClickSmart+ Hub (sold separately). To use, simply connect the Smart Controller to the LED Tape and start controlling the lighting in every room by App or voice control. By connecting ClickSmart+ to your existing Google Home devices or linking your Alexa smart speaker, you can control the LED tape lighting by voice control.

Smart solutions in a box

The most recent addition to the ClickSmart+ portfolio is a range of new Smart Socket Kits that were launched in mid-September. These new kits bring together essential components in one handy box allowing users to maximise and simplify connected products in all areas of their homes.

One of the most popular uses for a smart plug is to control lighting as a visual deterrent for intruders. The scheduling feature available on the new Click Smart+ Smart Sockets allows devices to be turned on or off at certain times to suit, for example, while the house is empty. Other uses can include operating devices such as electric heaters, fans and radios to name a few.

Available in Scolmore’s popular Mode white finish, the range comprises a 13A 2 Gang Smart Socket Kit, a 13A Plug-in Wi-Fi Smart Socket Kit, and the Aquip66 13A 2 Gang Outdoor Smart Socket Kit.

13A 2 Gang Smart Socket Kit – this includes a ClickSmart+ Hub and 4 x 2-gang Smart Sockets. The Click Smart+ Hub utilises Zigbee technology, one of the most widely adopted smart home technologies. The hub communicates with the individual sockets through a mesh network which creates multiple pathways for the connection of multiple smart home devices without compromising signal and communication range.

13A Plug-in Wi-Fi Smart Socket Kit – this includes 4 x 13A Plug-In Wi-Fi Smart Sockets. These smart sockets do not require a hub but are simply plugged into a standard socket and connected to the Wi-Fi to offer connectivity to a range of appliances, such as lamps or kettles.

Aquip66 13A 2 Gang Outdoor Smart Socket Kit – this includes a Smart Hub, 1 x Mode 13A 2-gang Zigbee Smart Socket and a 2-gang Waterproof Enclosure. The kit allows the connectivity of devices being operated outside the home, such as outdoor lighting and outdoor features.

Each of these smart products can be controlled through the ClickSmart+ App and can also be controlled through voice control via an Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker.

These latest additions, and more, are featured in the updated ClickSmart+ brochure, which showcases the entire ClickSmart+ Home Automation range.

Browse and download the ClickSmart+ Home Automation range brochure here

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