The Smart Solution

The Smart Solution


When Scolmore Group was considering the product requirements for the expansion and total redesign of its Visitor Centre it took a look closer to home, as we report.

Originally opened in January 2009, Scolmore’s Staffordshire-based Visitor Centre is now able to accommodate up to 60 guests at any one time. The new facility – which at 180 square metres is double the size of the original space – is designed to host a range of events, including product launches and demonstrations, training sessions for customers and industry events.

One of the key considerations for the refurbishment of the centre was the ability to control the lighting – from an energy efficiency point of view, as well as to offer ease and flexibility of control to reflect the variety of lighting function and scenes required.  

Products from across the Scolmore Group of companies were brought together to offer a smart solution that would stand the test of time. These included Scolmore’s lighting and wiring accessories, as well as CCTV and emergency lighting products from Group Company, ESP.

The vast ceiling space was divided up into nine main sections to allow for banks of lighting to be installed and controlled – with downlights taking up the centre space along the length of the ceiling and also as spotlights around the edges. This means that various areas of the room can be lit as required.

For the lighting, Scolmore opted for the Inceptor Omni fire-rated, integrated LED downlight with pre-wired driver and flow connector, and a total of 40 Omnis were installed for the project. As well as in the ceiling, they were fitted in pairs across the top of the display pods which are used to group the various product ranges together.

Helping to attain the quick and easy installation of the lighting products was Scolmore’s Flow lighting management system which was incorporated into the ceiling space. A number of 8-way distribution boxes were used to provide the means to make multiple connections from one box, via a plug and play operation.

When it came to control of the lighting throughout the centre Scolmore’s Click Smart system provided an ideal solution, offering both simple and flexible installation and easy programming. Total control of the lighting is achievable via the Click Smart RF touch control panel, as well as on a mobile phone or tablet via the Click Smart App.

Scolmore looked to the latest additions to its wiring accessories ranges to provide the switches and sockets. From the GridPro collection, two, 24-gang plates have been fitted – one at either end of the visitor centre – bringing together all the lighting control components.

The rest of the switches and sockets fitted are from the Deco Plus collection of premium decorative metal wiring accessories range and USB sockets have been included as part of the install to ensure laptops, tablets and mobiles are kept charged when the facility is being used.

For the security part of the project, products from ESP’s CCTV and emergency lighting ranges have been selected. A number of CCTV dome cameras have been fitted into the ceiling. These are linked to the Scolmore network and remote viewing/monitoring is achieved via ESPs own CMS software.

Completing the line-up of products for installation are wall mounted, 3W LED maintained emergency exit signs from ESP’s Duceri collection.

With the restyling and modification of the visitor centre complete, the results are now being enjoyed.

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