The storm before the calm – bouncing back from the pandemic | BSA Electrical

The storm before the calm – bouncing back from the pandemic | BSA Electrical

We talk to the team behind BSA Electrical about how the start-up business has managed to achieve success against all the odds.

Operating a business is a difficult challenge to navigate at the best of times; the success of a company is almost always determined by factors like work ethic, determination, skill and resilience of the business owner and employees. Success is very rarely an accident in any walk of life, and the world of business proves no exception.

Starting up a new company will often prove to be a ‘make or break’ challenge, for many reasons. The initial capital required, the meticulous planning and organisation, market research, insurance and miles of red tape are just some of the considerations required when deciding to take the plunge.

Consider further still the additional challenges that any business would face having launched during the global pandemic and the thought is enough to make the steeliest of characters shudder just a touch.

Gluttons for punishment no doubt, company Directors Luke, Macaulay and Ken (along with apprentice Kyle) can certainly talk from experience after deciding to launch their North Yorkshire-based electrical contracting business, BSA Electrical, earlier this year.

A story of success in the face of adversity, the boys at BSA Electrical stand as living proof that despite all the doom and gloom, things are still happening for the better.

So, how did it all begin?
“Having previously worked together at another local firm, the four of us met and all got on very well from day one,” Luke explains. “Although both Ken and Macaulay followed the traditional electrical apprenticeship route straight out of school, my career path wasn’t always so clear.”

After completing his A-levels, Luke ‘fell’ into an electrical apprenticeship through a family friend at a local firm. He recalls: “I’ll admit that being an electrician was never on my radar as a youngster, but I’m so glad to have been given the apprenticeship opportunity that came my way. I love the variety of work, and the daily challenges – as well as communicating with customers and building good relationships with people.”

With a shared love for the trade, coupled with all three Directors’ eye for the commercial and business side of the industry, the formation of BSA Electrical seemed the next logical step for them.

Shared values
If there’s one thing that all members of the BSA Electrical team have in common, it’s a belief in the virtues of hard work and a strong work ethic. “All of us will muck in together because we’re all pulling in the same direction,” says Luke.

“We’re willing to work 50-60 hours every week to make this a success, and all equally want to get our heads down and work hard so that we can reap the benefits in the future. We want to build a commercially-driven company, that offers a professional and approachable service to our customers.”

It’s exactly this focus and drive which has allowed BSA Electrical to get off the ground as a business, in spite of the hugely challenging time the world is facing at this moment.

“It’s certainly taken some self-belief and determination to overcome the obstacles presented by the pandemic,” Luke explains.


“We began trading on April 1st (to coincide with the new tax year) which just so happened to be just after the first lockdown measures had enforced. This had some serious implications for the business because we were unable to have any kind of appointment with a business bank manager and couldn’t set up a business current account until the middle of July.”

Practically this meant a complete lack of revenue flowing into the business, meaning a reliance on the savings pot to keep the company afloat in its first few months. Thankfully, however, the initial costs were relatively low and a small amount of capital was required to get things moving. Luke, Ken and Macaulay already owned a van each, so this was one outlay that was gratefully avoided.

There was then the question of customers; another already difficult task made worse by the pandemic. With virtually no one working in their usual office environments, getting in touch with potential clients was a headache. As a result, cold-emailing/calling was one of the few options available to spread the word and attempt to drum up some business.

This approach is now paying dividents, with larger companies and firms returning to their office spaces and making contact with BSA Electrical with regards maintenance and electrical works.

Light at the end of the tunnel
With society slowly returning to normal and lockdown restrictions easing nationwide, things are looking up for the team at BSA Electrical. The boys have had some work throughout lockdown, mainly from previous clients they’d fostered relationships with, and with their business and QuickBooks accounts all set up, cash is beginning to flow into the company.

In the future, the lads hope to secure some contacts from local councils and want to focus on building the business gradually.

The story of BSA Electrical truly serves as a reminder that even through the darkest and most uncertain of times, if you dedicate yourself, work hard as a team and are determined to succeed, anything is possible.

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