The trades must step up vehicle security | Yale

The trades must step up vehicle security | Yale

The trades must step up vehicle security as van theft continues to spike, urges Yale. With thousands of pounds worth of tools, equipment and material stored in our vans, it’s no surprise that these work vehicles are a target for unscrupulous opportunists in the area.

With reports from estimating that 12,000 vans will be stolen in 2022, a rise of 169% over the last five years1, it’s no surprise that trade professionals are becoming increasingly conscious of their vehicle security.

And the latest research has shown that it’s not just the vehicles that are a prime target for thieves. With 67% of break-ins resulting in stolen tools, 55.6% leading to stolen equipment such as ladders, and 41.7% seeing the loss of other personal items1, the security experts at Yale are asking the trade to step up their vehicle security as we approach the winter months.

Firstly, the security experts would recommend investing in a high security van lock to not only protect your van and its contents, but also to deter would-be criminals. And responding to these current threats surrounding vehicle security, Yale has recently unveiled its new Heavy Duty Van Lock.

Designed with heightened security in mind, the new release has been tested to British Standards EN12320:2012 to ensure it can protect against a range of attack methods. Alongside corrosion resistance for extreme weather conditions, the Heavy Duty Van Lock benefits from a hardened steel body, and 6-pin cylinder, ensuring trade professionals can protect their livelihood, whilst offering the ultimate peace of mind.

In the unlikely event that a criminal was to gain access to a van after securing it with the Heavy Duty Van Lock, it’s also worth securing any tools, materials or expensive equipment inside.

Tradespeople could consider fixing down valuable equipment with a security cable and maximum-security padlock to offer protection against a range of attack methods and to keep items secure when driving.

Yale’s Wireless Alarm is another handy gadget to ensure van owners are clued up about the security of their vehicle and valuables stored inside. With motion detection alerts and a loud 100dB siren, the Wireless Alarm can be installed in next to no time, notifying van owners if their vehicle is being tampered with or broken into.

After securing their van and its content, trade professionals can also ensure they can keep an eye on their vehicle from anywhere at any time by investing in a smart security camera. Whether their van is kept on a driveway or on the street outside their home, by cleverly positioning a smart outdoor security camera in the direction of the vehicle, it’s easy to always be ‘in the know’ over their van’s security.

The same manufacturer’s All-in-One Camera is a handy option, with 1080P camera quality, a 110-degree viewing angle and 10m infrared night-vision allowing you to keep an eye on your van from anywhere via a smartphone with the Yale View app. With a built-in security light, users can view real-time footage of the outside of their home at any time of the day or night, alongside motion-detection alerts to ensure they’re the first to know about any suspicious activity happening close by.

And with van theft expected to increase to a staggering 20,000 vans per year by 20301, security experts Yale are continuing to stress the importance of improved van security to trade professionals.

For more advice and support on how to secure your van ahead of the winter months, click here

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