The Training Ground: how can i fully prepare for my AM2 assessment?

The Training Ground: how can i fully prepare for my AM2 assessment?

Q. I’ve got my AM2 assessment coming soon – I’ve seen the checklist of what knowledge and skills I need to have, but what else can I do to prepare?

At NET we really try and encourage all candidates to prepare as much as possible before going into the assessment so there are no surprises on the day. The checklist is just the first step in ensuring you’re armed with all the relevant information before sitting your AM2 assessment.

We strongly recommend you read the AM2 Pre-Assessment Manual which goes into a deeper level of detail in terms of what you’ll cover for each section of the assessment.

It provides an overview of the centre induction process, information about what will happen on the day and what will be in your assessment area. You can also see which publications and other documents you’ll have available to you during the assessment.

After giving detail on each section of the assessment and the tasks you’ll need to complete, the manual lists common errors made during each section and how to avoid them. This is hugely valuable information as it can help you avoid the same mistakes that many others have made.

Importantly, it mentions the template inspection and testing forms on the NET website that are used during the assessment – take a look at these so you know what to expect during this section.

We’ve recently made some changes and updates to the Pre-Assessment Manual so make sure you’re using the version with 2023 on the cover. The NET website is the authoritative source of all information relating to the AM2 – make sure you download all documents from here to avoid being misinformed.

To access AM2 support from the NET website, click here

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