The Training Ground: What is the latest with the TESP ‘Rogue Trainers’ campaign?

The Training Ground: What is the latest with the TESP ‘Rogue Trainers’ campaign?

What is the latest with the TESP ‘Rogue Trainers’ campaign? I’m still hearing stories of people who’ve been getting ripped off by training providers that don’t offer recognised qualifications.

Our Rogue Trainers campaign is still very much active – since its launch our online advice has received over 20,000 views. As well as highlighting the warning signs and red flags linked to inadequate and unethical training packages, we also signpost on the correct routes to becoming qualified and give tips on choosing a training provider.

Thanks to a new partnership with government-recognised JobsAware, the campaign has received a further boost to strengthen our fight against training providers who are leaving people out of pocket and with no prospect of an industry qualification.

JobsAware, established in 2008 by the Metropolitan Police to tackle job fraud and help protect worker rights, works closely with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the Home Office, HRMC, law enforcement and DBS.

Together we’ll be sharing information and signposting individuals to report rogue trainers to JobsAware, who are well placed to take action and progress cases with the relevant authorities.

We’re encouraging everyone who might have a story to contact us via the TESP website – this will help JobsAware to build a picture and evidence of what is happening across the country and look closely at what can be done.

How can you help even if you’ve not been affected yourself?

We need people like you to help raise awareness of the Rogue Trainers advice available via the TESP website. The more people that spread the word, the more evidence we can gather on these organisations, providing electricians with the correct advice they need when looking to become qualified.

Get more details about the Rogue Trainers campaign here

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