ToughBuilt takes its new product range to the next level

ToughBuilt takes its new product range to the next level

As a brand that is respected for offering the professional user innovative, productivity enhancing hand tools and jobsite equipment, ToughBuilt’s latest product range takes those qualities to new levels – literally. We find out more.

Most, if not all, companies talk about a commitment to ongoing product research and development. At ToughBuilt, however, its focus on this business area is so unrelenting that it is less of a commitment and more of a way of life.

Innovation and inventiveness are at the heart of the US manufacturer’s entire approach. As a result, an already impressive range continues to expand with a steady stream of new products that redefine possibilities and expectations.

“Every new product development journey at ToughBuilt starts with several all-important questions,” explains Vahe Der Kureghian, Managing Director at ToughBuilt Europe.

“These questions include how can we make the existing design of this product even better? Where are the opportunities to increase output and reduce inefficiency? And what learning can we apply from the many hours of research we spend talking to and observing professional tradespeople at work?”

He continues: “People could be forgiven for thinking that because hand tools and jobsite equipment are long established that there’s no longer any room for further improvement and that the market is already saturated. Perhaps, for ordinary products this is true – but at ToughBuilt we don’t build ordinary. We never have – and we never will.”


That’s the spirit

ToughBuilt’s latest introduction fully embodies the brand’s unique design philosophy with a new range of spirit levels which benefit from a rich array of features – all enabling users to work faster, smarter and with greater accuracy.

Specific products available in the range include a new ToughBuilt Magnetic Lit Box Level. Offering three sizes – 23cm, 60cm and 120cm – this level has LED lit vials for easier reading as well as a precision milled base for optimum accuracy and shock absorbing endcaps for maximum durability.

The new range also includes a convenient and portable, pocket-sized 360° Pocket Level. This product benefits from a robust, heavy-duty die cast construction and a highly accurate rotating vile which can be used to set and identify any angle.

In addition, ToughBuilt has launched a new 23cm Magnetic Billet Torpedo Level. Featuring an aluminium frame, the level is both exceptionally durable and light weight. It has four vials which are precision set to 0°, 30°, 45° and 90° angles and a top groove working edge which enables accurate alignment on pipe or conduit.

All five new levels employ rare earth magnets ensuring superior holding strength. They’re also backed by a two-year guarantee as standard, which can be extended to 25 years if users register their purchase.

“The new ToughBuilt levels join a full eco-system of hand tools and jobsite support equipment that enable trade professionals to work smarter,” adds Vahe. “This includes our leading Sawhorses, our popular QuickSet Workbench and our ClipTech system of interconnectable tool bags, totes, belts and pouches.

“Given our dedication to product research and development, our new levels will be followed by other new product ranges and range additions throughout 2023. Trade professionals can rest assured that all these introductions will benefit from the same intelligently designed, carefully considered approach that are at the heart of ToughBuilt’s DNA.”

Browse ToughBuilt’s new range of spirit levels here

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