Unicrimp’s NEW Q-NECT range of cable accessories

Unicrimp’s NEW Q-NECT range of cable accessories

Unicrimp has recently added a brand new category to its cable accessories portfolio. Here, we learn more about the Q-NECT range.

Unicrimp, part of the Scolmore Group of companies, continues to expand its comprehensive range of cable accessories and has introduced a brand new category of products to its portfolio. Marketed under the new Q-NECT brand, the range comprises lever connectors and connection boxes.

The aim of the launch is to bring together a selection of products that work in conjunction with each other to provide installers with strong, quick and reliable solutions that will offer them versatility when carrying out their everyday tasks.

A total of ten products make up the full Q-NECT range, which comprises 2, 3 and 5 way lever connectors, IP66 weatherproof junction box, 2 and 3 way IP connection boxes and 5 pole, 3 way IP68 ‘T’ and 2 way inline connectors.

2, 3 and 5 way lever connectors

Suitable for solid, stranded and flexible cable types, these lever operated connectors use screwless spring clamp technology, which means there is no need for any tools. They feature an inspection window, which is located at the top of the lever connector and allows for quick and easy testing while the lever connector is installed.

They offer a strong and reliable connection, with a conductor range of 0.2 – 4mm. Because they are reusable, they are the perfect solution for temporary or mobile installations.

The housing on all Unicrimp Q-NECT lever connectors are transparent which means that installers can easily see if the wires inside are positioned correctly to ensure the best possible connection.

IP66 weatherproof junction box

Available in black and anthracite grey finishes, the IP66 junction box is designed to make installations more efficient. It can house four of the 3 port lever connectors using the 360° detachable cradle and with a curved lid, it provides additional space for wires. The lid is locked using quarter turn fasteners.

The junction box features ten membrane entry points. Protection against moisture and dust is enhanced with the self-sealing membranes which provide a faster and more secure cable entry whilst at the same time maintaining the IP66 rating.

Multiple fixing options are available – either fixing directly to a wall using four screws into the pre-moulded holes in the base or using the detachable wall clip which requires just two screws.

Installers have the option of using up to eight M20 cable glands with the junction box. The M20 threaded entries with membrane ensure that the IP rating is maintained without needing to use any tools or locknuts.

2 and 3 way IP connection boxes

There are three products within the IP connection boxes range – 4 pole 2 way 24A IP68 inline connection box; 4 pole 3 way 24A IP68 (M16+M20) connection box and 3 pole 2 way 16A IP66 connection box.

Both IP68 rated boxes come pre-installed with IP68 rated nylon glands. The nylon glands provide a dust and watertight seal, as well as excellent strain relief and cable protection. To aid installation the hinged lid enables quick and easy access with suitable fixing points provided. This allows the connection box to be fixed wherever it is suited.

The IP68 connection box prevents exposure with a strong sealing performance. It can withstand dust, dirt and sand, and is also resistant to submersion up to a maximum depth of 1m for up to 60 minutes. The more compact IP66 connection box is also protected against direct high pressure jets.

5 pole, 3 way IP68 ‘T’ and inline connectors

High quality and robust materials produce a tough nylon body which helps ensure that the connectors can withstand the harshest of environments. Whatever the installation conditions, the cables will be fully secure.

The ‘T’ and inline connectors are supplied with 5 pole terminals. This provides the installer with a variety of wiring options, covering a large range of installations. The ‘T’ shape of the IP68 ‘T’ connector facilitates the install of an inline switch or additional powered output whilst also offering IP68 weatherproof protection, making it perfect for multiple installations.

The IP68 inline connector provides a quick and simple solution for outdoor fixtures. It can be used to extend or repair existing cables while maintaining its IP68 weatherproof protection.

Unicrimp has produced a comprehensive brochure providing in-depth details of each of the products in the Q-NECT range. This can be downloaded from the Unicrimp website as well as from the Scolmore Group App.

Watch a promotional video for the Q-NECT range here



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