Unlock the door of the future today. No key, no touch… through the cloud | 2N

Unlock the door of the future today. No key, no touch… through the cloud | 2N

Imagine a front door to your house that opens itself because it knows it’s you. Or a gate to the garage that recognizes you remotely. This is not sci-fi, but a smart access solution. With 2N,  there’s no need to look for a key or an access card. It’s enough that somewhere in your pocket you have a mobile phone.


The era of analogue buzzers, talkers and unreliable entry cards is over. Three main technological advances have brought this about, changing the way access security solutions are managed, installed and purchased.


First, the installation of IP communicators and HD video intercoms, now widely used in both residential and commercial property. The transition from analog bells and outdated door “talkers” to modern IP communicators has clearly been a trend in recent years, and for new buildings, the data network and smart video intercoms are already being factored in as part of new builds.


Second, rapid advances in cloud computing, which have brought the option of remote administration and scalable solutions – as well as a reduction in costs. Through the cloud, access security devices also no longer need to be connected to a single local network. You only need what is already available in most buildings – an internet connection. You can add the devices to the My2N cloud platform and calls between 2N products are then completely free of charge.


But it is the third technological advance that looks set to make the biggest impact on the future of access control: the use of the latest Bluetooth technology which makes it possible to design an absolutely safe and contactless access solution.


Mobile solutions have been popular with users for a long time because of the convenience they provide. You can open the door via an application or leave your phone in your pocket and open it by simply touching the Bluetooth reader at the door.


Designers and facility managers value the simplicity of installation and the control it gives them: they can determine exactly which doors and spaces users can enter.


WaveKey, 2N’s latest mobile access technology, offers these benefits too, but takes mobile access control into a new era. It is capable of unlocking a door in just 0.3 seconds, twice as fast as a RFID card. It also solves a challenge around unwanted door opening that sometimes plagued earlier versions of Bluetooth technology. Thanks to adaptive algorithms and RSSi signal trend analysis, the reader knows whether the user is approaching the reader or moving away from it. A phone within range but lying on a table will never open a door.


The WaveKey technology is also set to meets the demand for innovative solutions to maintain social distancing and a hygienic office environment in an emerging post-Covid-19 environment. WaveKey can help manage contactless access to buildings, floor levels or specific areas, as well as the handling of deliveries. It is also straightforward to issue credentials remotely from an intercom or an access control software, removing the need for person-to-person contact.


Through these three advances – the rise of IP communicators and HD video intercoms, the cloud and the latest generation of Bluetooth technologies – the ‘no key, no touch’ door of the future is now today’s reality.


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