V-TAC Asks if You’re Ready for the Halogen Ban?

V-TAC Asks if You’re Ready for the Halogen Ban?

When halogen bulbs are finally banned across the EU in September 2018 it could mark the end of unnecessarily high lighting bills, inefficient technology and a massive 15.2 million tonne reduction in Europe’s carbon footprint by 2025.

There are still an estimated 500 million halogen spotlights being used in homes across Europe and, if these were replaced with good quality LED alternatives, every household could save an average of £42 a year and enough energy to power 11 million homes.

New technology has resulted in a dramatic evolution of LED lighting and it’s now easy to find lights which give out an attractive warm white light for homes or a brighter white light for the workplace. This includes highly efficient A++ rated lights, which produce 120 lumens per watt (a traditional halogen bulb produces only around 12 lumens per watt) with much less wasted heat. LED lights have also become more reliable and consistent and have a longer lamp life.

LED lights can cut energy usage by 80% and so pay for themselves within a year – especially if they’re purchased at a competitive price. V-TAC offers a range of cost-effective LED products that carry a minimum two-year warranty, as well as being CE/EMC certified.


Why is Halogen being phased out?
Halogen bulb consumption is five times higher than its rival the eco-friendly LED bulb. Many Halogen bulbs fall under the energy efficient class D which has resulted in the EU phasing the energy guzzling bulb out. There is also the cost of running halogen bulbs against LEDs and the amount of CO2 produced that has prompted the EC to consider the best course of action.

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