Wallbox expands Pulsar family with Pulsar Pro EV charger

Wallbox expands Pulsar family with Pulsar Pro EV charger

We discover more about how Wallbox has added a ‘Pro’ to its ranks with the expansion of its Pulsar family of charge stations.

Specifically designed for shared spaces such as apartments, condos and workspaces, the latest addition to the Pulsar ranks, Pulsar Pro, includes features such as 4G connectivity and RFID reader to fit perfectly into such environments.

Alan McCleave, Director of UK and Ireland, said: “We wanted to offer customers who may be looking for a solution for shared spaces the same compact design that has made our Pulsar family so popular.

“Pulsar Pro has been created especially for shared spaces to provide independent communications via the 4G connectivity and the ability to add tariffs or limit access (if required) for B2B installations.”

Improved installation and service

Pulsar Pro has been designed to reduce costs for charge point operators and installers, achieving this through a more intuitive installation and set-up process, including a backplate design to make installation quick and easy and the preconfigured 4G that enables faster commissioning. Pulsar Pro will also support power balancing between up to 100 chargers for improved grid management, translating into more energy efficiency and lower costs.

Prevent unauthorised access

Recognising that on-site visits can add to the lifetime cost of chargers, particularly in shared spaces, Pulsar Pro has a number of new security features to prevent unauthorised access, physical damage and cyber security attacks. 4G connectivity also enables over the air software updates which translates into lower on-site visits.

It is well known that physical damage is a pain point for EV charging in semi-public spaces, so Pulsar Pro has a robust design, with IK10/IP55 protection to protect against impacts and water or dust, and an easily replaceable charging cable in case of damage.

Simplified payments

Pulsar Pro is designed to offer a simple and accurate payment experience for users. It comes with an internal meter with less than 2% error that improves accuracy of energy transfers. The inclusion of 4G also ensures improved up-time, both for users and operators.

Sophisticated business software

In addition to the unit itself, myWallbox Business software is also included, allowing administrators to group chargers by location, as well as managing them securely. In addition, users can be organised into groups and assigned chargers or locations with ease, thanks to a flexible user definition system, all monitored through a charging reporting system.

Flexible solutions

Several payment solutions are available, such as the monthly option that is most convenient to tenants/employees and is accessible via App and RFID, or the pay as you go option which works when you want it to be available to the general public and is accessible via a QR code from the myWallbox App.

Get more details about the Wallbox Pulsar Pro here

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