Why ‘Warm’ Is Welcome

Why ‘Warm’ Is Welcome

Stephen Totman, Product Marketing Manager at Vent-Axia, tells us more about energy efficient electric heating and how it’s the ideal answer for a warm, comfortable and attractive bathroom.

Legislation is driving a reduction in the energy requirements of all household objects, and electric heating is no different.

This has resulted in some major changes to the UK heating industry as manufacturers have been developing advanced electrical systems that meet the comfort needs of households and energy efficiency demands of this legislation.

With the longer-term trend for lower carbon products, as well as the move towards a decarbonised electricity supply, electric heating really has come of age.

Advances in technology make electric heating a very attractive option for both households and installers. With these developments electricians now have the opportunity to offer their customers modern electric heated towel rails that not only look good but are energy efficient too.

Traditionally heated towel rails have been marketed for their aesthetics but the latest energy efficient electric towel rails quickly and efficiently warm and dry towels while adding to the overall style, temperature and comfort of a room.

Quick and easy to fit and with low capital and installation costs, they offer an affordable bathroom heating solution for homeowners that can work with a whole house electric heating system or as a stand alone item.

This means that households do not need to turn the whole central heating system on just to have warm towels and a comfortable bathroom.

Upsell opportunity

If a bathroom is undergoing a refurbishment it’s the ideal time for electricians to upsell to customers and offer the added benefits of an electric heated towel rail.

Causing little installation disruption for the homeowners, heated towel rails don’t require the pipework needed by traditional boiler heating systems.

A simple electrical connection is all that’s needed, making it easy for installers to fit it in a few minutes rather than the hours needed for adding a towel rail to a wet heating system, freeing up time for further work. For electricians, electric heating is a good business opportunity.

Vent-Axia’s range of IP55-rated towel rails feature high quality white or chrome finishes with ten different models on offer, split into flat, curved and designer styles, allowing customers to choose exactly the right towel rails to suit their individual home.

But it is control that is central to the range, with the series featuring an optional advanced controller offering five heat outputs. Providing an eco-mode, which is ideal for use when drying towels to ensure minimal energy use, the controller turns the rail on full power for 30 minutes and then reduces the output to the user setting for a further 90 minutes, before turning the towel rail off.

Households therefore have warm dry towels without wasting energy, bringing greater comfort to the towel user but also adding to the overall temperature and comfort of the room.

With excellent efficiency, compact size, clever control and fast response, modern electric heating is set to become the heating technology of choice.

Stylish electric heated towel rails offer electricians and installers a technology that promises their customers the comfort, control, cost and style that households desire with warm, dry towels whenever they’re needed.

For more information on the range of IP55-rated towel rails from Vent-Axia visit: www.vent-axia.com 

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