WATCH Super Rod’s Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera in action

WATCH Super Rod’s Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera in action

Electrician, Mike Page, highlights the five things you need to know about Super Rod’s Super Cam Wireless Inspection Camera.

Offering electricians a smarter way to inspect and interrogate those hard-to-reach areas, this 20m wireless inspection camera can be connected to any smart device to capture data. Users can, therefore, work safer and smarter by streaming high resolution video to their smart device in real time.

Although the product boasts some nice benefits such as the 60-minute fast charge option, auto/manual focus, digital pinch zoom and built-in WiFi hotspot, let’s look at five features that really stood out to me:

1. Always up’ mode

No matter how the rods are twisting or orientating, you can set the camera to always be ‘up’.

2. Built-in non-voltage detector

The unit features a built-in non-voltage detector within the camera itself, meaning if you’re passing over live cables or trying to figure out if something is live, you can do it remotely with the camera.

3. IP67 rated

The unit’s IP67 rating means it is dust and waterproof to a high level.

4. Multiple screens

This camera will connect to up to two screens simultaneously, meaning you can have 2 x electricians, an electrician and a client, or even 2 x plumbers (!) using the camera and navigating together at the same time.

5. Functionality and features

Finally, and the thing I like the most about the Super Cam, is the fact that the functionality and features are built-in to the device. Not only do you get the Super Cam, you also get a whole host of attachments, an extendable handle and a gooseneck all included in the unit’s nice softshell carry case.


New to PE’s YouTube channel, Mike has been putting the Super Cam through its paces and has documented his success with using the product to inspect some faulty decking lights – it’s a must watch if you want to discover real-life applications for this quirky product.

Watch Mike’s decking inspection using the Super Cam here

Watch Mike’s ‘Five things you need to know about the Super Cam’ here

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