What are the advantages of Luceco’s new Essence floodlight?

What are the advantages of Luceco’s new Essence floodlight?

Shyel Stark, Senior Product Manager for Luceco Lighting, introduces the new Essence floodlight and the advantages it will have for contractors and end users.

As part of Luceco Lighting’s aim to continuously develop and improve its products for contractors and end-users alike, the Essence multi-position floodlight range is the latest, improved offering of residential and commercial LED floodlights.

The Essence floodlight consolidates the key features from Luceco Lighting’s Castra and Eco floodlight ranges into one version, offering a broader range of features and functionality than previously available.

This has been achieved through further design improvements, made to ensure quick and easy installation for contractors, while improvements in LED chip technology offer better light efficacy for end users.

Innovation to make installation easy

The Essence floodlight has been designed with ease of installation in mind. The innovative and patented multi-position, rotatable ball joint is carried over from the Castra floodlight, which allows for perfect directional focus and set-up. This enables the floodlight to be easily positioned to illuminate exactly where it’s required, even in difficult-to-reach areas.

A new two-part, slide-on installation bracket has been designed and engineered to make installation even easier. Contractors can fix one part of the bracket onto the wall and the floodlight body bracket simply slides on.

The floodlight is also supplied pre-wired with 1-metre of H05RN-F cable, which allows contractors to connect it directly through wall internal wiring and terminations, for added convenience and time saving on-site.

Improved lighting performance for end users

Another important factor Luceco Lighting considered when designing this updated floodlight was the high level of efficiency and performance it provides to end users.

The product has 25,000 hours life span and is supplied with a three-year warranty. This was achieved by using 120lm/W long-life LED chips, which offer higher performance and light quality for the power used, while meeting Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) requirements.

The main body of the fixture consists of IP65 corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminium housing with tempered glass, and the PIR sensor is also IP65 rated. This ensures that the product will last longer and guarantees confidence that both units are fully waterproof, and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Another innovative addition is the IP65 PIR sensor which now includes a dusk-till-dawn override. This setting can be adjusted using the lux sensitivity dial on the rear of the PIR. This mode allows the floodlight to automatically turn on when the lux light level drops below a specified setting, saving energy by only providing light when the conditions require it.

The updated features and functionality of the new design combined with the best technology from the range’s predecessors, has created a truly innovative offering for contractors.

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