What drives product development? | Scolmore

What drives product development? | Scolmore

Marie Parry, Group Marketing Director for Scolmore Group, looks at how feedback from electrical contractors is helping shape the company’s growing wiring accessories portfolio.

Regular engagement with contractors via social media, trade magazines and face-to-face at trade shows like ELEX is how Scolmore gains constructive insight into how contractors like to work, the issues they face and what they need to help them do their work in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.

It is this valuable feedback from contractors that helps to drive the new product development programme. This is evidenced by some of the latest products we’ve introduced to the market, including:

Half media plates
A new range of half media plates was developed to satisfy requests from contractors who were looking for a smaller version of the existing media plates. The plates feature a decorative ingot switched double socket outlet with a triple aperture that will allow the installation of any three new media modules to build a plate to suit a variety of installation requirements.

With flexibility and quick installation for the end user in mind, the half media plates include a pre-manufactured insert onto the back of the plate to eliminate the need for a mounting yoke.

There are five new half media plates available – polar white, polished chrome (with a choice of black or white ingot) and satin chrome (with a choice of black or white ingot).

GridPro media modules
The extensive GridPro collection of interchangeable mounting plates and modules has been enhanced with the addition of a range of media modules that will widen the appeal and applications for the range with specifiers and contractors.

The new modules are fully compatible with the GridPro range and have been designed to allow a combination of power and media modules within the same plate. These additions will expand the installation of GridPro across an array of applications where some form of media or media and power combination is required – such as education and training facilities, offices, healthcare premises, hotels, conference rooms.

A total of 16 media modules have been added, including USB, VGA, Satellite, TV, Telephone, RJ11, RJ45 CAT-6, RCA x2, Loudspeaker x 2, Audio Jack, HIFI, HDMI, Time Delay and Buzzer modules.

Development Illuminated switches
Developed with the hotel sector in mind, but with appeal across other applications, new illuminated blank modules have been added to the GridPro range, as well as a new accessory plate that allows two single modules or a twin width module to be situated next to two Grid Pro switches to build a plate specific to hotel requirements.

Combining the key card module with two GridPro switch modules with neon on the hotel accessory plates provides a smart, modern and secure solution. The occupier of the room will have an internal switch furnished with etched neon indicator modules that they can switch on and off, for example ‘clean the room’/’do not disturb’. This will illuminate the corresponding module located outside the room, giving staff a clear indication of the occupant’s requirements.

The illuminated blank modules are available in both red and green and available in all 11 of Scolmore’s finishes.

Key lockable switches and sockets
A range of key operated switches and sockets is available across our vast range of wiring accessories collections, offering contractors and specifiers multiple choice when it comes to procuring products that have this required additional security feature.

Providing the means to lock and unlock the power supply to the sockets and switches makes them ideal in a range of applications where security is of prime importance – such as hotels, schools and care homes, to name a few. With only the key holder able to operate them, this will prevent any unauthorised use of the switch or socket outlets.

The range includes 20A double pole lockable switches and 13A 1 gang double pole lockable sockets. The sockets are fitted with two earth terminals to provide a double earth facility when installations require high integrity protected connections. They also feature a neon indicator to give clear visual evidence of the on/off status of the socket outlet.

Dual mode dimmer
To combat the problems of LED flickering and poor dimming range we came up with an intelligent dimmer module that not only eliminates flickering, but is much easier to control than regular dimmers. It’s essentially two dimmers in one and offers the installer maximum compatibility.

With a choice of dimming modes – leading or trailing edge – installers can choose the mode that works most effectively with the LED lights they’re using. The electronics inside some LED lamps have better compatibility with trailing edge and some are better in leading edge.

Flicker at the bottom end of the dimming range is quite common when dimming LEDs. By incorporating a minimum brightness setting, the dual mode dimmer module allows the minimum brightness to be adjusted, so that any flicker at the bottom end of the dimming range can be trimmed out.

Some LED dimmers can also be quite complicated to install. As such, we’ve made installation much easier by positioning two small switches on the back of the module. Switch 1 allows the minimum brightness to be adjusted, while switch 2 allows the dimming module to be adjusted. Their position on the back of the module also makes it easier to change the dimmer settings without removing the module from the plate, saving installation time.

TV times
As part of our quest to engage with contractors, we’ve recently launched a dedicated YouTube channel – SGTV. The aim is to provide the viewing contractor audience with engaging, informative and innovative content that will help keep them up-to-date with the latest products and developments and to hear the opinions of industry experts on issues that impact their working lives.

You can access and watch Scolmore’s SGTV by clicking here


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