What is LINIAN doing to promote best practice across the wider industry?

What is LINIAN doing to promote best practice across the wider industry?

Ian Arbuckle, CEO at LINIAN, discusses the company’s new webinar series and the work it is doing to promote best practice across the wider industry.

In 2006, we launched the LINIAN FireClip, the original single component fire-rated fixing, invented by my dad, Wes. Since then, our ranges have continued to expand. We now offer over 135 products manufactured here in the UK for the electrical, fire/security and fibre markets. But for us, it’s about more than products.

We continually look for ways to drive the industry forward by promoting best practices in legislation, manufacturing and installation. One of the ways we plan to do this is through a new webinar series.

Our company’s mission is to solve industry challenges, reduce inefficiencies and raise safety and compliance standards across the board. We hope the legacy of LINIAN products and our family’s advocacy work will be increased safety awareness across the industry and the prevention of unnecessary loss of lives.

How are we doing this?

We recognise that other options are available on the market and making the best, informed, and compliant choice can be confusing. That’s why we recently launched a new, improved website (www.linianclip.co.uk), making it easier for installers to find information and choose the right LINIAN product to suit any installation.

We’re also bringing back our popular webinars in a new format – a monthly series. The webinar series covers critical industry topics such as 18th Edition (Amendment 2), and risk-assessment to prevent premature collapse of cables. Plus, popular industry trends and developments, such as the rising importance of aesthetics in cable installations, are also covered.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance, demonstrating their commitment to learning and development.

Advocating for the industry

I think it’s fair to say that my family and I are fairly well known and (at least I hope) well regarded in the industry. I’m not shy about speaking out about the issues I care about. In the past, I’ve also spoken out when I’ve felt that regulations didn’t go far enough. For example, the BS7671 18th Edition regulations, Amendment 2 (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022) state that ALL cables at risk must be supported to prevent premature collapse, not just those in escape routes.

This was a significant update because, previously, some installers thought it was fine to just secure cables above doorways or fire exits with metal fixings and then use plastic fixings elsewhere. This wasn’t good enough! An escape route isn’t just a door or a hallway; you must cross a room to get there.

And don’t get me started on using unregulated imported clips, either! Thankfully, that practice appears to be declining, and there is a much better awareness of the importance of using fire-rated fixings throughout the installation.

Promoting best practices

We want installers to know that a safe installation doesn’t have to be costly. We can help you do the best job, with the best products, for the best value.

LINIAN clips are a fully compliant solution for cables and conduit from 0.9mm – 25mm overall diameter. They also save significant labour time, as no additional plugs, screws, washers, or special tools are needed. Instead, simply drill a hole, slide the clip over the cable or conduit and tap it in. It’s as easy as that!

When you consider how much time this saves, you’ll realise that it is actually better value to use these types of clips on ALL your cables than to mess around with multiple types of fixings across different substrates.

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What is the LINIAN FireClip?

The LINIAN FireClip is a single-component fire-rated cable fixing, for round cables, and PVC trunking. It is a quick and tidy fixing to suit any round cables from 4mm to 14mm.

How does it work?

To install, simply drill a hole, slide the clip over the cable/conduit, and insert it into the hole. No plugs, screws or washers are needed!

Why should you choose the LINIAN FireClip?

FireClips can save the installer time and money, and they can even save lives. With LINIAN FireClips, you’re guaranteed a quick, easy and compliant installation with an incredibly neat, discreet finish. The FireClip is available in an extensive range of sizes and colours to perfectly blend in with the cable.

Is it 18th Edition compliant?

Yes! The FireClip is 18th Edition compliant and tested to the highest standards, including 90 & 120 minute fire-resistance, meeting BSi and DIN classifications. It has also been tested to London Underground Standards for smoke emissions and can support a tensile load of over 24kg.

How quick is it to install a FireClip?

LINIAN FireClips are up to 72% faster to install than traditional methods. The FireClip is also available in double sizes, to conveniently install two cables side-by-side, saving even more installation time.

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