What is R2Dimming Technology?

What is R2Dimming Technology?
Photo Credit To Ricoman

We catch up with Ricoman’s Liang Gao to find out more about why the company’s latest technical innovation is changing the landscape for downlights.

There are many fire-rated downlights with interchangeable bezels in the market, what’s the added value of the R2?

Our R2 Fire Rated Downlight incorporates our latest innovation – R2Dimming Technology. This was developed to make dimming LED lighting simple and eliminate problems associated with dimmer compatibility, as well as dimmer and labour costs. Our newly launched product also embodies the RICOMAN values, with its great engineering, clean design and user-friendly twist & lock interchangeable bezel mechanism. The R2 Fire Rated Downlight is a truly unique commercial/domestic solution, and we hope end users will enjoy the benefits it brings.   

What is R2Dimming?

Very simply, end users can dim any R2Dimmable fitting using their normal on/off light switch just by flicking the switch off and back on within 2 seconds.

Where did the idea of R2Dimming come from?

As a quality and innovation driven LED lighting manufacturer, we understand compatibility between lighting and control gears has always been a major industry wide issue. Consumers are confused by the technicalities involved to resolve the issue and are frustrated by the complexity and heavy cost of having an effective solution. Therefore, we wanted to come up with a foolproof dimmable technology that keeps it simple and controlled. The end user will also know exactly what they are getting. R2Dimming Technology offers additional functions to your wall switches and eliminates problems associated with compatibility, high costs and installation issues.

How do you envision the R2Dimming being used?

The applications can be wide-ranged – we already have the R2Dimming products specified for schools, movie theatres and other commercial applications. I’m sure people will find other creative ways to utilise the technology as well.

Will this dimming function be available in other RICOMAN products?

Our R2 Fire Rated Downlight will be the first product to pioneer our R2Dimming Technology and as a manufacturer we are able to tailor our products to our customers’ needs and use the technology on other products that we manufacture. There are plans to roll out R2Dimming to our other commercial light fittings in the future.

What can we expect from RICOMAN in the future?

This is only the beginning, and we will continue to come up with better lighting solutions for our end users. We consider it strange that some people believe the lighting industry to be dull and boring – for us it is the opposite, we consider it very exciting to be able to come up with innovative solutions that can improve people’s lives. The business model and attitude in the UK lighting industry has changed little over the past decades and we strive to be a breath of fresh air to the establishment and redefine lighting products and services. We believe in R&D investment, and it’s our strength to bring concept to product quickly thanks to the solid team we have in place.

For more information please visit: http://ricomanled.com/

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