What is the value of KNX training and certification for electrical contractors? | KNX UK

What is the value of KNX training and certification for electrical contractors? | KNX UK

The team at KNX UK take a look at KNX training and certification and the value it can bring to electrical contractors.

Today’s building automation and smart home ecosystem presents electrical contractors with a transformative opportunity.

Just as the emergence of LED lighting ‘changed the game’ a decade ago, the rise of intelligent building systems powered by KNX technology is rewriting the rules of electrical installation and management. For electricians and electrical contractors keen on riding this wave, investing in KNX training and certification is not just an added advantage, it’s a business imperative.

Sophie Thomas, Marketing & Business Manager at Ivory Egg, says: “With the demand for professionally installed smart homes only growing, there is an obvious opportunity for electricians to undertake training to sell, specify and install KNX smart home solutions. A significant benefit of KNX training for electricians is not only adding a new skill but also making a move to differentiate their business in a busy market.”

What is KNX?

KNX is the only global open standard for commercial and residential building automation, enabling seamless communication between devices from over 500 different manufacturers. It is also secure and provides both wired and non-wired solutions. From lighting and blinds to heating, ventilation, and security systems, using KNX enables integrators to bring diverse building functions into a single platform.

Systems created with KNX are endlessly adaptable and interchangeable due to its backwards compatibility. This enables a client to start with automated lighting and add HVAC, security, blind control, assisted living devices and weather stations at a later date if they choose. If a device fails or a different functionality or aesthetic is required, individual components can be exchanged without the need to replace the whole system.

Why should electrical contractors care?

A growing market

The smart building sector is burgeoning. As energy conservation, sustainability, and user-centric experiences become paramount. To take advantage of the surge in smart home growth, electrical contractors should consider KNX as it is a wired whole home solution that is suited to an electrician’s skillset.


Diversifying into KNX installations opens doors to a broader clientele – from homeowners wishing for a connected living experience to businesses looking for efficient building management solutions.

 Competitive edge

As more contractors join the KNX fold, those without the requisite skills risk getting left behind. With KNX certification, contractors not only showcase their expertise but can also build trust with a new and expanding pool of clients.

What value does KNX training and certification provide?

Comprehensive skillset

KNX training courses, whether basic or advanced, offer an in-depth understanding of the KNX architecture, programming, and troubleshooting. This ensures contractors can handle complex installations with confidence.

Access to a global community

Being KNX certified means joining a community of over 100,000 partners worldwide. This network offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, learning, and business growth.

Stay updated

The world of KNX is dynamic. Regular training ensures that contractors are always abreast of the latest technologies, trends, and best practices.

Increased profitability

With specialised skills, contractors can command better prices for their services. Moreover, as systems built on KNX often entail more comprehensive work than traditional set-ups, there’s potential for higher revenue.

Following completion of the basic KNX course with BEMCO, one student commented: “For us, doing this basic KNX course is just building on what we offer to the customer. We already have a business plan in place, we’ve got a marketing plan in place, and we know where we are going as a business. This just adds to our offering and makes sure that we’re keeping ahead of technology and what we’re putting in is robust”.

An obvious choice

In a world where technology is evolving at breakneck speed, businesses that fail to innovate risk obsolescence. For electrical contractors, embracing KNX is vital to embracing the future.

As governments and organisations rally for greener solutions, KNX-certified contractors will be at the forefront of implementing energy-efficient building automation systems.

According to Jason Aldous of Aldous Systems, it’s an obvious choice:  “When you start talking to our students about the competitive advantage to them of offering a standards-based solution over a proprietary solution it almost becomes a no brainer to be offering KNX-based solutions all the time.”

For electrical contractors, the question is not whether to get KNX training and certification but when. The KNX landscape offers a world of opportunity – be it in terms of revenue, business growth, or staying relevant in an evolving market. By investing in KNX now, contractors can not only secure their present but also future-proof their business for the years to come.

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