Why installed entertainment systems could offer the perfect home accessory for your customers | Q Acoustics

Why installed entertainment systems could offer the perfect home accessory for your customers | Q Acoustics

Installed home entertainment systems are simpler and cheaper than you think. Paul Hilditch, Product Manager at Q Acoustics, looks at why they could offer the perfect home accessory for your customers.

Some years ago, the concept of having technology and entertainment systems installed into the home was the preserve of the rich. By ‘installed’ we mean equipment fitted into the fabric of the home, such as in walls and ceilings.

Systems were generally supplied by specialist installation companies and involved whole house wiring, a large rack of equipment and someone to spend many hours or days configuring the system to make it work. When finally complete, these systems were often complicated and not very user friendly. Something had to change…

Changing perceptions

Q Acoustics led the way in changing this perception some years ago with the introduction of the ‘E’ series installed audio systems (‘E’ standing for ‘Easy’). This offered an easy to fit and affordable solution, with prices comparable to mass market performance audio systems.

E120 is the latest model in Q Acoustics’ easy install range and includes digital radio (DAB +), Bluetooth wireless audio and auxiliary audio input (typically from TV sound) as well as two ceiling installed speakers for true high performance stereo sound. With prices starting at just £450 (including speakers), that really does challenge the misconception about installed home entertainment systems. In the past many hours (or days, even) were needed to install and then configure complicated whole house systems, and, of course, time costs money. Q Acoustics recognised this fact when it first introduced its easy install range, and so E120 builds on this philosophy by introducing an all-in-one wall panel the size of a double gang light switch.

There is no configuration or tricky set-up at all: you simply first fix the speaker cables, DAB antenna and power supply, fit the back box, cut in and fit the speakers and then plug it all into the main panel and switch on. That’s it!

Radio days

For the homeowner, E120 is easy to use with five configurable one touch radio presets, a colour display, remote control and touch sensitive buttons. This set-up will be very familiar to those who have used a car audio or other digital radios in the past.

Everybody loves listening to music and radio, especially in areas such as kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms. E120 is designed to enhance these spaces, providing a high-performance sound without the visual clutter on precious table or worktop spaces that other standard systems can occupy.

So, it’s time to think again about installed entertainment systems when planning your next electrical project or building renovation. From a single room rewire such as a kitchen, an extension, or a complete house, an entertainment system like E120 can be included as part of the offering, giving your clients something special and unique that they will enjoy every single day.

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