Willing and cable: Kempston Controls’ range of cable accessories

Willing and cable: Kempston Controls’ range of cable accessories

We hear from the team at Kempston Controls and find out more about the company’s ever-expanding range of cable accessories.

In today’s demanding power-hungry industrial and commercial world keeping the power on and staying connected is essential. Cable accessories are a vital link in the electrical power and digital communication chain, connecting and ensuring electrical supplies and networks are secure.

Whether you’re dealing with control panel wiring, a photoelectric sensor array installation or a complicated industrial electrical supply system, the correct cable accessories can make all the difference in guaranteeing your wiring and cabling is installed correctly and safely.

The installation of a safe and reliable electrical wiring system requires a comprehensive range of both electrical connectivity products and cable accessories. From metal enclosure cabinets and flexible conduit, to insulated crimp terminals, lugs, and cable glands, there’s a vast range of products available.

At Kempston Controls we can’t emphasise enough just how important the correct electrical components and accessories are for the task at hand. We understand how vital these products are for a safe and efficient electrical installation and you can find everything you will need with our offering.

Reliable connections

For reliable and dependable electrical terminations, you’ll need quality crimp terminals, crimp lugs, bootlace ferrules and heat shrink tube to guarantee the reliability, durability, and safety of your electrical installation.

Cable and component protection

Our selection of durable electrical enclosure cabinets, cable glands, cable grommets and terminal box products provide protection for the wiring and electrical components inside from troublesome environmental factors.

Safe and tidy wiring

Cable fastening components such as cable ties, cable tie bases, cleats and interconnection products such as terminal blocks and crimp terminals ensure your wiring remains where it should be and is safe and secure.

As a company we know all about the correct organisation, termination, routing, and protection for all your industrial, commercial, and domestic electrical installations. With a comprehensive product offering that also includes cable clips, crimp tools, insulation tape, and much more, we can provide all the cable management products you’re likely to need for the task at hand.

Products come with high performance, proven quality and reliability and they can be supplied at the best possible prices, with next day delivery available also. For large quantity orders, global stock is available within a 2-3-day turnaround.

Whether your installation project is a complex industrial automation and control solution, an offshore or onshore wind farm, or a photovoltaic installation, we’re confident you’ll find all the cable accessory and management products you’ll require at Kempston Controls.

Get more details on the full Kempston Controls cable accessories product range here

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