All Wired Up? Trust Your Instincts

All Wired Up? Trust Your Instincts

Michael Simms, Product Manager for Wiring Accessories at Crabtree, one of Electrium’s leading brands, talks to PE about the innovation behind wiring accessories.

When it comes to wiring accessories, the design and functionality are equally important.

Filled with innovative and practical advancements, the Instinct range from Crabtree gives specifiers and installers the solution they are looking for.

It allows them to remain competitive while maintaining the quality, reliability, style and functionality required in today’s highly competitive commercial buildings market.

In terms of breadth of selection, the Instinct range has it covered.

But true to our ‘Easier, Safer, Faster’ mantra, we have designed a range with over 300 new wiring accessories, packed with innovations including full contact cable clamps, integrated LED indicators, and twin action safety shutters.

When it comes to installation, the upward-facing inline terminals make the entire range simple and reliable to install.

It’s a design that will save time for the contractor as well as delivering peace of mind.

When it comes to safety, Instinct meets all the relevant standards, giving a contractor total confidence in the product when it’s specified.

Instinct is the first range of wiring accessories to use full contact cable clamps. These “no miss” terminals offer a more secure, more efficient method of connection.

This proven technology means there is no chance of incorrect cable positioning, and this terminal design eradicates the risk of cable core damage that can occur with screw terminals.

Crabtree has also created upward facing terminals throughout the range, all accessible from one orientation and all with an instantly recognisable terminal layout, including segregated inline supply and load terminals, nested for convenience.

This improves installation time; it’s easier and faster to connect. Cables can be cut to the same length and use less of the interior space.

It gives safer and more reliable installation – no twisting or turning of the plate means no loosening of cables that were just terminated.

Crabtree has also developed a shutter with a two-piece mechanism that requires multiple pins to fully operate the mechanisms.

The live and neutral pins do not open unless the earth pin is operated. Live and neutral shutters are fully locked until Earth pin is inserted.

This ensures that live and neutral remain closed even with Earth pin engaged. This meets and exceeds British Standards. It is incredibly difficult to defeat and minimises potential misuse.

Crabtree’s Fused Connection Units and 20A switches now have an improved, unobtrusive, integrated LED switch indicator within the switch dolly and they feature full contact clamps, helping to improve cable positioning and retention.

Improved Keystone Modules are safer and sleeker, offering flexibility and cable security, with less bend to cables. The variety of modules caters for Data, HDMI, USB, TV, Phone and Satellite applications.

Also forming part of the range are a series of integrated USB Sockets.

The 13A sockets are double pole switching and have integrated USB charging outlets that meet the latest product standard (BS1363-2:2016+A1). They also include automatic charge optimisation to match the corresponding device.

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