Your Mate, BoxMate

Your Mate, BoxMate

Designed to help electricians overcome a common issue during the first and second fix stage of installations, we learn more about the inspiration behind BoxMate.

As is so often the case with new and innovative products that are introduced for trade professionals, BoxMate was originally invented by an experienced electrician and site supervisor.

His aim was to address a problem encountered all too frequently on-site: during plastering, plaster can often find its way into back boxes and will then dry into a solid mass.

Then, when the electrician returns for second fix, they have to dig the plaster out and clean the box before fitting the face plate – a waste of skilled time and effort.

The solution to this issue was to design a temporary cover that would prevent plaster ingress. As well as being able to withstand site conditions, the cover also had to be easy to fit and remove.

During trials, another requirement became clear: the cover had to be able to accommodate small variations in box sizes.

After several iterations, the BoxMate design was finalised. This great new product features tabs to accommodate variations in box height, and a material which compresses laterally to accommodate variations in box width.

Its central door means it can be easily removed after tapping off any plaster skin, and the product can be re-used several times, bringing the cost down to as little as 4p per use.

Although its main use is to eliminate unnecessary work and reduce electricians’ time on-site, BoxMate also offers protection to cables.

Available in the UK from Cattano, to view more product, pricing and specification details for BoxMate, go to:

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