Zone In With National Ventilation

Zone In With National Ventilation

Jason Smithen, Managing Director at National Ventilation, introduces the new Monsoon ZONE 1 Energysaver Fan Kit.

The two main issues that ventilation manufacturers have been addressing in recent years, when it comes to bathroom fans, are energy efficiency and acoustic sound levels. When putting together our new installer friendly ventilation kit, not only did we take into account both these issues, we also considered other key ones often overlooked.

We addressed what fan would be best and what features it needed to make installation as quick and versatile as possible while giving the best ventilation rates. We also considered how important the type of outside grille is and how weather and atmospheric conditions could affect the performance of the kit.

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The new Monsoon ZONE 1 Energysaver Fan Kit consists of three parts: the Monsoon Zone 1 Silence Fan, a non-cut semi rigid wall sleeve and the independently tested Energysaver Grille. This kit provides the installer with a high performance, low noise, low energy, low carbon, IP45 fan suitable for mounting within Zone 1.

Energy saving and quiet too, at full speed the fan’s energy efficient, ball bearing motor uses a maximum consumption of just 7.5W and it’s casing incorporates anti-vibration mounts with maximum fan noise level of only 25dB(A). This is achieved without compromising on airflow performance, delivering 97m³/hr (27 l/sec) which means it has a Specific Fan Power of only 0.27 W/L/S.

Other features
The mixed flow impeller means it can be used with longer lengths of ducting if needed and the ball bearing motor means it is just at home mounted on the ceiling without causing additional noise. The kit is available in five model options. The most popular is the timer model which allows the unit to be simply and easily adjusted between 2-30 minutes overrun. The other four models are standard, pull cord, PIR triggered and a humidistat controlled option (which also incorporates a timer module). A silent back draught shutter is factory fitted standard for all models and all feature thermal overload protection on the motor; so you can expect a typical service life of 40,000 hours.

One thing that is not always given careful consideration is external conditions on the outside wall and how this will affect the fan’s performance. Weather and atmospheric conditions can have an impact on the extract rate. Just a 5m/s breeze can severely affect a 100mm axial fan, and in windier conditions even the blades can stop turning.

“The mixed flow impeller means it can be used with longer lengths of ducting if needed and the ball bearing motor means it is just at home mounted on the ceiling without causing additional noise.”

To combat this we have included a new cowl within the kit which is designed to counteract the adverse effects of external wind on the performance of mechanical extract ventilation systems. The Monsoon Energysaver Grille is especially suited to installations in windy locations. It is designed to alleviate ‘blow back’, thus further increasing extractor fan efficiency and reducing energy consumption – all of which contribute to a reduction in the carbon footprint. Produced as a one piece moulding in tough, weather resistant PVCu, the cowl is supplied with a snap-on mounting plate. It is easy to install and requires no maintenance and, with no moving parts, it makes the grille completely silent.

We believe the grille is the only patented Part F Compliant, independently tested, energy efficient, ventilation grille on the market. When coupled with the Monsoon ZONE 1 Silence Fan, it makes for an effective combination for the installer, saving time and money as well as providing greater versatility and performance.

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