Companies must assess environmental approach as solar panels set to become mandatory

Companies must assess environmental approach as solar panels set to become mandatory

With solar panels set to become a mandatory requirement on all new buildings under EU plans, businesses must now increase prominence on switching to a clean and green energy source to power their operations.

With lack of clarity and understanding around the vital processes to successfully adopting solar photovoltaic (PV) , sustainability expert, Bureau Veritas is urging companies to invest time in fuelling their knowledge in order to embrace the transition. Commercial solar panels can make an immense difference by generating free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on-site, lowering business demand for energy from the grid and potentially saving thousands of pounds on energy bills.

Soaring energy prices and volatile markets have pushed many businesses to put their roof space to good use by turning to solar PV systems, however, many are still apprehensive when it comes to making the switch.

Helping to simplify the switch and navigate the process, Alisdair MacDonald, Principal Consultant at Bureau Veritas, says: “Businesses need to be responsible for their influence on the environment and take initiative in sustainability and renewable energy sources. Investing in solar will put them ahead of growing legislation as the government focuses on net zero.

“Not only could it bring substantial financial benefits, switching to commercial solar panels can significantly reduce the impact energy consumption has on the production of greenhouse gases, therefore reducing the company’s carbon footprint.”

The global solar industry has undergone a major transformation in recent years, with significant growth, as a result of strong demand and the continual emergence of new markets.

Alisdair continues: “Business model innovation is an important focus, it enables companies to develop their value proposition, acquire new markets and customers and gain a long-term sustainable competitive advantage. However, there is considerable apprehension surrounding the entire solar PV installation process and some hesitancy understanding the multitude of benefits this will bring.

“The life of a well-maintained solar power system is about 25–30 years. The average time to pay off the investment is 6 to 9 years; after which business owners could technically benefit from free electricity. The time to make the investment is now, in order to reap the long-term gains both financially and environmentally.

“With more than 90GW of installed solar photovoltaic experience, the expert team Bureau Veritas can help with a host of unrivalled services to simplify the journey. World leaders in delivering expert, independent and impartial advice, we can help companies through the entire adoption, from design, development and construction, through to asset operation and management – becoming a solid and trusted business partner in energy transition.”

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