CTEK reaches EV milestone – 100,000 charging points sold

CTEK reaches EV milestone – 100,000 charging points sold

CTEK has sold its first 100,000 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points. The leading global brand in vehicle charging has achieved the milestone mainly thanks to destination charging installations of its pole or wall mounted CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2 (CC2).

The robust and reliable CC2 is widely used in public, workplace, multi-residential buildings and destination charging where its ease of installation and use is enabled by its straightforward interoperability with third party charge point operating systems.

At many charging locations such as car parks, workplaces, shopping centres and leisure destinations, multiple CC2 installations are supported by CTEK’s load balancing technology to safely optimise how power is drawn from local electricity grids.

The award-winning CC2 is a single or dual socket charging point used to charge EVs across the UK and Europe. CTEK’s Charge Portal charging recording and analysis platform has counted 12 million charges on CTEK equipment so far. In January CTEK won Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Manufacturer of the Year at the UK’s 2023 E-Mobility Awards.

UK charging companies installing CTEK charging points include EVC, which this year secured up to £165 million in investment to accelerate its ambition to deliver 100,000 EV charge points across the UK by 2027. CTEK is in a five-year partnership with EVC to supply its AC charging equipment and scalable load balancing solutions.

CC2 is an approved chargepoint for Government grant programmes in many countries, including in the UK where it qualifies for the EV Chargepoint Grant and the Workplace Charging Scheme.

Cecilia Routledge, CTEK’s Global Director Energy and Facilities, said, “We are thrilled to have reached 100,000 EV charging points sold, with the vast majority at public and workplace destinations and at multi-residential buildings.

“Having so many destination chargers powering EV drivers in Sweden, the UK and increasingly in other European countries is a testament to the high quality and excellent performance of our CHARGESTORM CONNECTED 2.

“The first 100,000 chargepoints are just the start. We are now focused on reaching new milestones and our highly experienced developers are creating the next generations of smart, future-proofed EV charging solutions.”

CC2 is also a home charging solution, as is the recently launched portable NJORD GO. A lightweight EV charger with a charging capacity up to 11kW, NJORD GO can be wall mounted at home but easily taken on journeys for charging elsewhere.

Established more than 25 years ago in Dalarna, Sweden, CTEK has over ten years of experience in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and has significantly increased investment in EVSE products and solutions since 2018.

Cecilia said: “We work with customers to design installations based on their needs and expectations. We advise on available grants and integrating third party software, systems and equipment. We also assist during commissioning and via after sales technical support.”

CC2 was designed by the Swedish company CTEK to be safe, robust, easy to install and use, and scalable from single installations to multiple charging points backed by dynamic load balancing and seamless integration with monitoring and payment software.

It is the CC2 which delivers the charging to every one of the more than 1,000 parking spaces in a new parking garage in Hagastaden, on the outskirts of Stockholm.

It has software integration with major charging solutions partners including Fuuse, eMabler and Monta and connects to the internet via ethernet cable or a 3G/4G modem.

It is compatible with CTEK’s NANOGRID for dynamic load balancing, making sure the local power grid isn’t overloaded. CTEK’s Charge Portal enables remote monitoring and control of charging, payments, accounting and software updates.

Cecilia Routledge said: “We are on an exciting journey to greener mobility and CTEK will continue to play a leading role in creating better charging infrastructure around the world.”

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