Why Customers Should Be Offering Tradespeople a Brew

Why Customers Should Be Offering Tradespeople a Brew

How often do your customers offer you a cup of tea or a glass of cool water in the current heatwave when you are working in their home or office?

According to the tradespeople discussing this very topic on the TradesTalk community over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the answer is not as often as they should! What has happened to good manners? Ok, being paid on time is far more important than getting a nice cuppa, but isn’t it just a nice thing to do?

Here are some of the comments:

“I’ve actually been billed by a customer for tea, cake and bacon sandwiches … if I’d known I would have gone to Waitrose cos it would have been cheaper!”
“A painter I know wasn’t even allowed to use the customer’s toilet and was told there’s public toilets in the town centre!”
“I’m sweating so much and my customer hasn’t offered me anything ALL day!” “My absolute favourite is when they ask ‘Sorry, can I get to the kettle?’, then make themselves a drink and bugger off!”
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