ECIS Encourages Blood Pressure Checks

ECIS Encourages Blood Pressure Checks
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EC Insurance Services has called for contractors to get their blood pressure checked as part of Know Your Numbers Week 2017.

As many as seven million people in the UK are living undiagnosed and therefore unaware that they are at risk[1] of high blood pressure – often called the silent killer. In support of Know Your Numbers Week[2], running from 18-24 September, ECIS, the employee benefits company for the construction industry, is urging workers to get their blood pressure checked and take any necessary action to reach and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

There are many factors that can contribute to high blood pressure; not doing enough physical activity, being overweight or obese, having too much salt in your diet, regularly drinking too much alcohol as well as having a family history of high blood pressure. In the UK nearly 30% of adults suffer from high blood pressure[3].

Vicki Leslie, Client Relationship Manager for ECIS, said, “Whilst this isn’t a new problem, our modern lifestyles can make us more susceptible than ever to high blood pressure and the effects can be severe, with sufferers up to three times more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke. As high blood pressure often has no symptoms, many people are simply unaware they have it. This highlights the importance of having your blood pressure measured by a nurse or doctor as part of a healthcheck, particularly if you are over 40. A blood pressure check is standard procedure in the Health Assessments ECIS offers as part of the employee benefits schemes we run for trade bodies in the contracting sector.

“The good news is that small lifestyle changes can go a long way to maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Simple changes such as increasing mobility and exercise, reducing salt intake, cutting down on alcohol and eating a healthy, balanced diet can make a big difference to blood pressure levels. Knowing your numbers is the starting point from which you can take any action necessary to reduce your risk. Therefore, this September, we’re encouraging all construction workers to get their blood pressure checked and get in the know about any underlying health issues.”



[3] BHF CVD Statistics Fact Sheet – UK

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