Electricians in Britain pinned down by Europe

Electricians in Britain pinned down by Europe

Amid the Brexit fiasco, more controversy has been announced this morning by the Fédération Officiel d’Operateurs Léctrique.

Today in Brussels, the Fédération released a statement claiming that if Britain is to remain in the European Union it will be made a legal requirement for us to replace our beloved three pin plug with the European two pin.

The legislation will be enforced in an effort to show Britain’s unity and solidary with the rest of Europe and the responsibility Britain’s Electrical industry has to comply to European standards.

Marketing Director Avril Un explains: “We appreciate British Electricians will be faced with a great task in replacing the three pin plug but we are confident that in doing this Britain’s relationship with the EU can prosper. Additionally, this legislation will create a number of new job opportunities for British Electricians”.

For more information regarding the legislation and the Fédération Officiel d’Operateurs Léctrique click here.





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