Electrium launches Amendment 2 updates and support

Electrium launches Amendment 2 updates and support

Now that Amendment 2 of the 18th Edition has arrived, Electrium has launched a series of updates to help professionals understand the changes and how they affect the next installation or project.

As part of the updates, you’ll find details about why AFDDs have been mandated, where you now need to install transient over-voltage protection, how the changes affect RCDs and RCBOs, and much more.

Alongside these core components, Electrium offers a variety of product solutions that can help make compliance with Amendment 2 easy. Learn about the key things you need to know for residential installations, how surge protection devices from Electrium are now easier to fit for Amendment 2, your questions answered on AFDDs and much more.

Discover more about Amendment 2 and what you need to do to comply with Electrium by clicking here

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