Electrium unveils new website

Electrium unveils new website

The updated site offers a host of new features and user-friendly additions.

The new Electrium website is now live! It’s so easy to use, you will soon find what you want, even though there’s more than 8,000 products to choose from!

The new website offers far more than that, however:

Quick & Easy Product Finder Menu
One look and users will see how easy it is to find the products they want. Every product is on display, images guide users around the product categories so they can see at an instant that they are in the right place.

Detailed Product Data
Every product is supported by its own technical data sheet and a product image so that users can check the performance specification, standards, size & shape, colour & finish. Data sheets can be downloaded and used for proof of compliance and maintenance manuals.

Credentials Check
Choosing a supplier for electrical safety products is a serious business. That’s why Electrium’s new website includes accreditations & certificates. Users can see at a glance that Electrium’s facilities and its processes for design, development, production, quality control, test & verification are all approved & certified by independent assessors.

Watch, Listen & Learn
There’s a dedicated video page with product guidance for installers, explanations & insights into the wiring regulations and videos that show some intriguing views of Electrium’s product technologies. Learn about the history of the four market leading brands on the brand pages. Or listen to the Electrium podcasts from the technical teams and industry guests.

Easy Contact, Locally or Centrally
Yes, Electrium has a new website but there’s also a team of support staff that you can talk to. From Customer Care, Quotations, Order Updates, Technical Support and Field Sales, all the numbers & email addresses you need are available on our support section.

Industry Updates & Newsletter
Keep up to date with important events in the industry, new regulations, new product solutions, UKCA, Mandatory EICRs, BS7671 Amendment 2, and sign up for the Electrium Newsletter.

Visit the new Electrium website by clicking here

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