Faraday Centre Features in The Parliamentary Review

Faraday Centre Features in The Parliamentary Review

The Faraday Centre, an electrical training and consultancy facility, has featured in The Parliamentary Review.

The Faraday Centre aims to secure the safe and secure application of electrical safety rules, regulations and procedures.

The large range of training solutions allows them to help other organisations avoid accidents and improve their standards as a result, as Managing Director Barry Thomas explains in more detail in this year’s Review.

He commented: “A variety of Education Services providers step up, alongside Prime Minister Theresa May and Education Secretary Damien Hinds, to offer insight into the current climate in UK education.

“We also discuss improving GCSE results, synthetic phonetics and reforming vocational qualifications.”

Robert Gallacher, Technical Consultant for Faraday Centre, added: “We are delighted to be recognised by the PR team and included in this year’s edition.

“Hopefully, our safety message will be widely read and our contribution to electrical training recognised.”

The long-time editor of The Review David Curry has expressed his excitement that the upcoming edition is due to be one of the most interesting and insightful yet.

He said: “I can say with confidence that there is no other forum in Britain that can successfully combine the thoughts and ideas of such a group of extraordinary organisations and deliver them to the people that need to hear them, whether that be in Westminster or out in the country.”

The Parliamentary Review is a publication that features commentary from the prime minister, other cabinet members and eminent journalists.

Enclosed within are a series of profiles from organisations that have a story to tell about how they fare in today’s economic and political environment.

Writing in The Review, the prime minister said: “British politics provides ample material for analysis in the pages of The Parliamentary Review.”

You can read Faraday Centre’s article in The Parliamentary Review here: www.theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/organisations/faraday-centre.

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