Fergus expands core team and moves to larger HQ

Fergus expands core team and moves to larger HQ

Fergus, the job management software for trade businesses, has announced a strategic expansion of its team to support its rapid growth and commitment to providing exceptional customer service. Joining the Fergus team are Peter Hunter as Account Executive, Sarah Kennedy as Customer Success Specialist, Patrick Giller as Content Manager, and Sam Buck as Partnerships Manager.

This expansion comes at a pivotal moment for Fergus as more tradespeople than ever adopt its software, recognising the unparalleled benefits it offers for streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and maximising profitability. The addition of these key roles underscores Fergus’s dedication to its mission of revolutionizing the way trade businesses operate, ensuring they have the support and resources to thrive in a competitive market.

Peter Hunter brings a wealth of experience in sales and a deep understanding of the construction industry, making him perfectly positioned to help trades businesses discover the transformative power of Fergus. Sarah Kennedy’s expertise in customer success will ensure users receive tailored support, maximizing their software benefits. Patrick Giller’s content management skills will drive Fergus’s messaging, educating the market on the value of job management software. Lastly, Sam Buck’s strategic vision for partnerships will open new avenues for growth and collaboration within the industry.

Fergus’s success story is reflected not only in its team expansion but also in its recent move to a larger office in Manchester. This new space accommodates the growing team and serves as a hub for innovation and collaboration, reflecting the company’s upward trajectory.

The adoption of Fergus by tradespeople is a testament to the software’s effectiveness in addressing the unique challenges of the construction industry. With features designed to optimize job scheduling, invoicing, and customer communications, Fergus eliminates the administrative burden that often holds back trade businesses.

“At Fergus, we understand the pain points of tradespeople because we’ve been there – our founder, Dan Pollard was himself a tradesperson. Our platform is designed not just as a tool but as a solution that addresses the specific needs of the trades. It’s about giving our users back their time, improving their cash flow, and enabling them to provide better service to their customers,” says James Chillman, UK Country Manager.

Tradespeople are seeking solutions that can bring efficiency and clarity to their operations. Fergus offers this by automating time-consuming tasks, providing real-time job updates, and ensuring financial transparency. These features, combined with the software’s reliability and customer support, make Fergus an indispensable tool for trade businesses aiming to stay competitive and grow.

As Fergus continues to evolve and expand, the focus remains on empowering tradespeople with technology that makes a tangible difference in their daily work and business outcomes. With its dedicated team and innovative software, Fergus is set to reach new heights, further cementing its position as a leader in job management software for the trades.

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