Fluke Student Kit

Fluke Student Kit

Fluke has introduced a Student Kit which consists of the key tools needed by new and trainee electricians.

The Fluke Student Kit (FLUKE-STU-KIT) comprises a Fluke T90 2-pole Electrical Tester, a Fluke SM100 Socket Tester and a Fluke 1AC Non-contact Voltage Detector, together with a Fluke C1600 Toolbox to carry these and other tools. It is available until Sunday 31 December 2017 and can be viewed at www.fluke.co.uk/studentpromo.

The rugged two-pole Fluke T90 Voltage/Continuity Tester offers four ways to indicate AC/DC voltage: a clear, instantly visible LED indicator, an audible continuity test, and vibration to provide tactile feedback so electricians know there is voltage present, which is especially helpful in noisy environments or when they cannot take their eyes off the probes. With a CAT III 600 V, CAT II 690 V safety rating, the T90 features high-quality construction, including a heavy-duty moulded case, thick wiring with WearGuard wear indicator, a sturdy battery case and durable probe protector.

The compact and durable Fluke SM100 Socket Tester is very simple to use. It just requires plugging in to a socket and the autotest function indicates wiring status by a combination of clear LEDs.

The Fluke 1AC-II VoltAlert Voltage Detector has a 200V to 1000V AC test range and provides an audible beep, as well as a visible red glow at its tip, when a voltage is detected. The user simply touches the tip on a terminal strip, outlet, or power lead to test the presence of a voltage. The 1AC-II VoltAlert has a Category IV 1000V safety rating and continually tests its battery and circuit integrity to further ensure user safety, providing a periodic double flash to indicate that the tester is functioning correctly.

The Fluke C1600 Toolbox features a large deep interior to hold these and other products, has a rubber gasket in the lid to minimise dust and water ingress, a lift out tray for storage of smaller items, and five hook and loop straps to wrap cords and test leads when not in use.

For more information on all Fluke products visit: www.fluke.co.uk

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