JIB Launches New Apprentice Registration Package

JIB Launches New Apprentice Registration Package

Apprentices in the electrical industry can now benefit from a wide-ranging package of services and support, following the re-launch of the JIB apprentice registration scheme.

JIB-registered apprentices not only receive an initial ECS Apprentice card, but three further cards as they progress through stages two, three and four of their training.

A gold ECS card is then issued on completion of their apprenticeship – rewarding them for their hard-earned qualifications and giving them the ‘gold standard’ in the electrical industry.

In addition to the suite of ECS cards, apprentices also gain other benefits including the new JIB apprentice app, safe isolation guidance and resources, access to the JIB handtool replacement scheme and discounted driving lessons.

Registering apprentices with the JIB can be carried out by any college or training provider that enrols on the scheme.

“For many years we’ve been registering apprentices across the industry, working with a number of colleges and training providers,” said Steve Brawley, JIB Chief Executive.

“We’ve now improved and re-launched our registration package – we hope all training providers register their apprentices with the JIB to offer students and employers the best possible support during their training and development.”

To find out more about the JIB Apprentice Registration scheme visit www.jib.org.uk/apprentice

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