JIB Launching ECS Registered Electrician Status

JIB Launching ECS Registered Electrician Status

The JIB is introducing a new Registered Electrician status for electricians who hold ECS cards in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Operated via the ECS card scheme, the new status will be available to all ECS Installation and Maintenance cardholders who are qualified in the current (17th) edition of the BS7671 Wiring Regulations.

Registered Electrician status will be operated on a voluntary basis; those who do not wish to take part will remain within the existing ECS gold card structure.  

This new status has been introduced by the JIB to raise standards across the industry and recognise electricians who are qualified to NVQ Level 3 and the current British Standard for electrical installation.

Paul McNaughton, ECA Chief Negotiator, said: “Employers fully support the introduction of the ECS Registered Electrician because it will help raise standards within the industry. This will also provide additional recognition of the professional status of an electrician within the electrotechnical and engineering services industry.”

All eligible electricians will be notified of the opportunity to become an ECS Registered Electrician in October once the scheme launches. Applicants must sign up to a Code of Professional Practice, which will include rules on working professionally, competently and responsibly, and accept that they will be subject to an investigation and disciplinary procedure if there is an alleged breach of the Code.

“The JIB wants to recognise ECS electricians who are qualified to the current edition of BS7671 and are prepared to adopt the Code of Professional Practice,” commented Steve Brawley, JIB Chief Executive. “We will be working to provide access to affordable training in the 18th edition of BS7671 for our card holders when this edition is published next year and we will encourage as many as possible to secure this qualification and become Registered Electricians.”

A free of charge virtual card showing their Registered status, downloadable to a smart phone, will be offered to all applicants.

Newell McGuiness, Managing Director of SELECT, added: “SELECT supports our JIB colleagues and their endeavours to raise industry standards. However, it should be noted that the ECS Registered Electrician status will not be available in Scotland at this time because SELECT and Unite have been in discussions with the Scottish Government on Regulation of the Profession of Electrician. These discussions have been positive and have reached an advanced stage with reasonable prospects for success.”

For more information on the JIB, visit: www.jib.org.uk

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