Have your say and make a real difference with the JIB Membership Survey

Have your say and make a real difference with the JIB Membership Survey

The 2021 JIB Membership Survey will be launched in October and will enable JIB members to have their say on what JIB membership means to them and the improvements they would like to see.


In 2020 the JIB conducted a Membership Survey to find out what were considered the main reasons for joining by its members and what things could be improved on.


In the 2020 survey members asked for:


– JIB profile – Better visibility of JIB members to clients – HS2/ECS Check/Construction Playbook

– Direct Employment – Increased promotion of the benefits of direct employment

– CPD – More focus on Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

– Insights – More webinars

– Engagement – Better regional engagement


The JIB responded with the following actions in 2021:


– JIB profile – More than 80 people registered for and listened to the recording of the JIB’s HS2 webinar in April. Positive feedback included “Good speakers”, “Positive overview of the intentions of HS2 to ensure a direct employment model across the project”, and “The JIB/HS2 EIR webinar proved to be a most interesting listen”.

– Direct Employment – The JIB has led a high profile campaign to promote the benefits of Direct Employment through press releases, newsletters and social media as well as hosting a webinar which has been viewed by over 100 people.

– CPD – The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) recently launched a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) digital system, which allows all ECS cardholders to record their CPD directly into their online records.

– Insights – A webinar on the importance of Social Value in Public Procurement was viewed by over 120 people.

– Engagement – A pilot Regional Forum was hosted in June which was attended/viewed online by over 60 people. The event enabled the JIB to engage with members and non-members, share insights and provide up to date information.


Roger Horne, Head of Membership at the JIB, said: “The JIB routinely surveys its members on an annual basis, and following the 2020 survey the JIB adjusted the focus of its comms activity to produce targeted, quality news stories via press releases and social media to strengthen its profile and relevance. The key actions taken by the JIB in 2021 show that we engage with our members, listen to their feedback and look at ways we can actively improve on the service we are offering. We will repeat key questions again in 2021 to help ensure we are delivering value to our members and making a positive difference to their business.”


For more information, visit the JIB website.

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