Luceco Wins Award for Best Innovation in Lighting

Luceco Wins Award for Best Innovation in Lighting

Luceco Wins award at RetrofitTech Dubai Summit & Awards.

The 4th Annual RetrofitTech Summit & Awards were recently held in Dubai. The well attended event addressed the project opportunities across Dubai including strategies to achieve increased energy efficiencies.

Discussions also included future financing models, as well as highlighting the latest technologies and products for use to achieve energy savings and Return on Investment.  

Luceco won Best Innovation in Lighting at RetrofitTech Dubai Summit & Awards with the LuxFrame, a minimalist LED luminaire designed for suspended ceiling grid applications.

Installed around the ceiling tile, LuxFrame provides an interesting lighting effect whilst maintaining the integrity of the ceiling, enabling the creation of imaginative lighting with cost effectiveness and energy efficiency in mind.

As with other LuxPanel products, LuxFrame offers over 50,000 hours of operational life with no maintenance, available with DALI dimmable drivers and with emergency back-up variants.

The Summit & Awards also gave an insight on the progress of the retrofitting strategy across Dubai, particularly in relation to buildings within the commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, and industrial sectors.

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