Lucy Zodion helps to pave the way for sustainable travel in Cornwall

Lucy Zodion helps to pave the way for sustainable travel in Cornwall

Lucy Zodion, a leading British manufacturer in street lighting control, smart city solutions and EV infrastructure, is proud to have partnered with Enervo to support Cornwall County Council in their goal to become carbon neutral by 2030. As part of this collaboration, Lucy Zodion has played a crucial role in paving the way for sustainable travel in Cornwall, contributing to cleaner air and a greener future for the county.

In 2019, Cornwall Council declared a Climate Emergency, recognising the urgent need to address climate change and improve air quality. With road traffic accounting for over 875,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) emerged as a vital component of Cornwall’s strategy to combat climate change. Seeking to reduce the county’s transport emissions, Cornwall County Council embarked on an ambitious plan to establish over 200 EV charge points in council-owned car parks by 2023.

Lucy Zodion and Enerveo, on behalf of Cornwall County Council’s visionary Drive EV2 Infrastructure Project, collaborated to support the installation of 109 new SWARCO electric vehicle charge points across 42 car parks throughout the county, providing accessible and reliable charging infrastructure for residents, businesses, and visitors to Cornwall.

The project includes the deployment of 19 Rapid 50kW chargers, capable of recharging an EV battery to 80% in around 40 minutes, and 90 7kW Slow chargers, typically used overnight. To power each car park efficiently, Lucy Zodion supplied its EVIS pre-wired feeder pillars, which included a mix of 100A and 200A DNO feeder pillar cabinets. The flexibility of the Lucy Zodion solution allowed Enerveo to swiftly select the appropriate pillar configuration for each car park without the need for extensive redesigns, ensuring a time-critical project was delivered efficiently.

The extensive implementation of EV charge points across Cornwall has led to a significant expansion of the county’s EV network, offering residents and visitors the assurance they need to embrace electric vehicles and contribute to Cornwall Council’s net-zero objectives by 2030.

Matt Williams, New Business Manager at Enerveo, commended Lucy Zodion’s contribution, stating, “The Lucy Zodion team was fundamental to the success and efficiency of this EV installation. The pre-set configurations allowed us to easily select the right EV supply pillar for each car park’s requirements, with the freedom to change at any point in the event of an issue or change in charge point configuration.”

The Drive EV2 Project, funded by the England European Regional Development Fund under the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020, has received a total of £3,625,000. The European Regional Development Fund aims to stimulate economic development and support innovative projects that create employment opportunities, regenerate local communities, and foster sustainable growth.

Lucy Zodion remains committed to its partnership with Cornwall Council, actively participating in both indirect EV projects and direct street lighting central management initiatives across the county.

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