Lutron launches PRO programme for the next generation of smart home advisors

Lutron launches PRO programme for the next generation of smart home advisors

Lutron Electronics, the global leader in lighting and shading control technology, has launched the Lutron PRO programme, designed to assist smart home professionals looking to boost their business with smart lighting and motorised blind solutions.

The UK smart home market is experiencing exponential growth, with revenue projected to reach £4.1 billion by the end of the year. Connected home products – lighting controls, thermostats, blinds, audio controls and more – are providing homeowners with significant lifestyle benefits, and the demand for these continues to skyrocket. Now, more than ever, homeowners are turning to electrical professionals as trusted advisors that are able to deliver the complete connected-home experience.

Lutron is renowned for its innovative and intuitive solutions in lighting, blinds and temperature control and the Lutron PRO programme has been designed to help residential contractors grow their business with Lutron through direct engagement with their local distributors and sales representatives. By participating in the programme, these residential contractors will be uniquely positioned to exceed their customers’ expectations. And as a Lutron PRO, will be eligible for a company listing on Lutron’s Where to Buy website for the products they are qualified to install.

The next generation of Electrical Contractors

In an industry that is constantly evolving, it is essential that electrical contractors have a high-level knowledge of the UK smart home market and an understanding of the key factors in residential lighting control specification and installation. Today’s smart homeowners demand a wireless solution, allowing personalised lighting and blind control for any and all rooms. As part of the Lutron PRO programme members will have access to exclusive training resources and marketing materials through a personalised myLutron account.

Another huge benefit of the programme is that members can use this as a stepping stone to upskill and continue their training and development beyond the RA2 Select residential products, with the option to take training courses on other products within the Lutron portfolio including HomeWorks, for luxury residential projects and Vive, for commercial opportunities. Through this training they can advance their understanding, and as a result, their customer portfolio with courses in the benefits of wireless lighting control within a luxury residential space or corporate function.

Delivering quality service to the end customer

Not only is this programme beneficial for contractors, but also to the end customer. Customers who choose Lutron PRO contractors will qualify for an additional year of full extended warranty on all eligible, registered projects. Lutron PRO members will also have early access and insight into the latest Lutron news, product developments and integration capabilities, meaning their customers can be assured that they will receive exceptional service and advice.

“We live in a connected world, and homeowners expect to control all aspects of their lives, including their smart home technology, from their devices. Today, a contractor’s success will largely depend on being seen as a trusted advisor that is able to meet these expectations,” said Steven Detmer, Residential Product Manager at Lutron. “The Lutron PRO programme offers us the opportunity to provide contractors with the training and support necessary to capitalise on this growing market opportunity.”

Sign up to the Lutron PRO programme here.

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