March Stability for Self-Employed Electricians

March Stability for Self-Employed Electricians

Hudson Contract monthly pay data reveals electricians continue to be one of the UK’s highest-earning trades.

Demand for self-employed electricians continued to be strong and stable during March, which was very much against the trend of falling outputs in the construction industry as a whole.

Ian Anfield, Managing Director of Hudson Contract, commented: “February and March earnings are more or less the same, with national average earnings down £1 to £1,123 in March.

“Electricians are one of the elite trades in terms of remuneration. When you consider that average weekly earnings for a self-employed construction worker in March were £899, the differential is about 25%.”

The biggest exception to the pattern of steady earnings was in the North East, with a jump from £749 to £1,016. Electricians in the South West were also up from £644 to £741 per week.

Ian Anfield added: “That was good to see. It signifies that electricians who were having a lean time have been called in to work on new projects.”

Hudson Contract, founded in 1996, is the UK’s largest Construction Industry Scheme payroll provider, delivering the most accurate indication of sub-contractor pay trends across the construction industry, using payroll data for more than 2,200 UK construction companies.

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