Marshall-Tufflex now stocks Basor metal and PVC cable tray

Marshall-Tufflex now stocks Basor metal and PVC cable tray

The UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of cable management solutions, Marshall-Tufflex has extended its partnership with Basor Electric and now holds in stock, Metal and PVC Cable Tray. The products join the company’s existing Basor Wire Basket range and as part of the agreement, Marshall-Tufflex is the exclusive UK distributor of Basor products.

Underpinning the Hastings based manufacturer’s commitment to providing installers with a wide choice of quality cable management products for all sectors and applications, the new agreement with Basor now equips professionals with access to the entire Basor product range in the UK. Enabling the simple routing and support of power and data cables, the trays are ideal for commercial, industrial and public sector applications.

The metal cable tray is available in light, medium and heavy profiles and has a pre-galvanised finish. The product is ‘Fast Fix’ – allowing sections of tray to be simply interconnected and bolted together without the need for separate couplers, saving on both installation time and costs. The comprehensive range also includes an adjustable riser allowing for angles between 0 to 90 degrees to be formed to the exact height and angle required.

The PVC cable tray range is ideally suited to harsh outdoor environments where a non-corrosive solution is required such as for water treatment plants, chemical and mining facilities as well as for shorefront areas. Available in five different sizes ranging from 100 to 400mm wide, the PVC cable tray is corrosion free, 100% recyclable, extremely lightweight and easy to install.

In addition to the Wire Basket, Metal and PVC Cable Tray products, Marshall-Tufflex is also able to supply any other Basor products, including those that are not part of the standard range.

Jon Chamberlain, Managing Director at Marshall-Tufflex said: “Having sold the Basor Wire Basket for a number of years, we are familiar with the exceptional quality and performance of the company’s products. We are delighted to continue our relationship with Basor by distributing its range of innovative solutions in the UK and to be able to supply any of its products to our customers, including those that are not part of our standard stocked range.”

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