Martindale Electric launches new electrical safety kit for gas engineers

Martindale Electric launches new electrical safety kit for gas engineers

Electrical safety specialist Martindale Electric is urging gas engineers to take extra care when working with or around electricity. Many gas engineers can come into contact with electricity whilst carrying out seemingly innocuous tasks and, sadly, preventable deaths still occur in the workplace.

“We are urging all gas engineers to identify the point of isolation, lock off the electricity supply and place warning tags onto the equipment before they begin any work,” says Steve Dunning, Martindale’s Managing Director. “It is vitally important and could save a life.”

Taking into account the danger posed by electricity, the Gas Safe Register’s Technical Bulletin 118 addressed test procedures to keep service engineers safe from electrical hazards. This was issued on the 30th of January 2018. On the 1st of February 2023, a new version of the bulletin was issued and the previous one withdrawn.

The new Technical Bulletin 118a provides information and guidance which only relates to safe-to-touch and safe isolation procedures on single-phase supplies when carrying out gas work. This will be followed by a version covering loop impedance and multi-phase supplies at a later date. The technical bulletin should be read in conjunction with all other relevant safety guidance such as HSE Guidance Note GS38 (Electrical test equipment for use on low voltage electrical systems, fourth edition).

With the changes to the Gas Safe Register’s Technical Bulletin 118a in mind, Martindale has developed the TB118KITA Kit, especially for gas engineers. It includes the VIPD138 voltage indicator and proving unit and the LOKKITGAS1 which enables gas service engineers to securely lock off circuits before carrying out work on appliances connected to the mains power supply.

The Martindale TB118KITA is the ideal solution for Gas Engineers working on systems with electrical content, it includes the main items of test and safety equipment to aid safe isolation, verification that the circuit is dead and lock off procedures as detailed in the technical bulletin.

For more details on the new TB118KITA and electrical safety advice, click here 

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