MP Gets Fully Charged with Mr.Electric

MP Gets Fully Charged with Mr.Electric

Recently, Christopher Pincher MP, Deputy Chief Whip, visited Mr.Electric to see how it’s electrical business is playing a key part in shaping the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

Christopher Pincher MP, Deputy Chief Whip, commented:

“It was great to see Mr.Electric being supported to promote such vital, forward thinking work. Electric vehicles have the ability to revolutionise travel; making the roads quieter, the air cleaner, and creating a more pleasant environment for our children. The statistics show that more electric cars are coming on the roads so it’s important that our infrastructure keeps up.

“I would also like to encourage anybody to have a ride in an electric car if you get the opportunity. I was very surprised by their power and speed – obviously within keeping of the local speed limit!”

Pierre Jeannes, VP of Operations for Mr.Electric, said:

“It was great to welcome Christopher Pincher MP, to our Birmingham North franchisee’s premises and to have the opportunity to show him how we are helping our customers to both install and apply for grants for EV charging points at their home or workplace. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as both consumers and businesses are looking for new ways to reduce rising fuel bills, and as a result , the demand for electric vehicle charging points is also on the rise. With our network of franchised electrical businesses, Mr.Electric is able to provide a simple and cost-effective EV solution and support the growing demand for sustainable green transport technology.

“We are fully committed to the EV market and appreciate all the interest and encouragement that we attain from the government. We hope many more people will be inspired to switch to electric and being to reap the economic and environment benefits that EVs brings.”

For further information about Mr Electric and the services it can offer, visit or call 0800 7311 606.

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