NAPIT New Look Schemes

NAPIT New Look Schemes

PAT on the Back for the NAPIT Portable Appliance Testing scheme.

The NAPIT new look Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) scheme including Fixed Appliance Testing (FAT) is set to instill higher levels of confidence in employers through an improved assessment process.

PAT has always been a tricky area to monitor and FAT even more so. With many unregistered testers in the market, there has been a limited scope to assess ability or experience.

Employers and landlords have a legal obligation to ensure the electrical safety of installations, fixed and portable electrical equipment in their properties, therefore the focus must be on employing the right person for the job.

“These updates are a welcome development for industry as PAT/FAT testers have found it difficult to prove their competence.”

NAPIT, a membership scheme operator for installers in the building services sector, have updated their PAT scheme to work for both testers and employers alike.

PAT Testers are required to hold an In Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, while FAT members also need to demonstrate, during an assessment, Safe Isolation and an understanding of the Wiring Regulations.

All FAT members will be assessed to demonstrate competence, but only one person needs to hold the PAT qualification, with all operatives will either assessed on-site or by completing an online assessment.

As well as this, every third year of membership each PAT/FAT member will complete an on-site assessment undertaken by one of NAPIT’s experienced field team and display their expertise through a series of monitored work scenarios.

Fully qualified electricians will be eligible to apply for PAT/FAT membership needing no further qualifications and will only need to demonstrate competence through the new assessment process.

NAPIT’s newly updated web based search facility will make it easy for PAT/FAT members to be located, assisting prospective employers and landlords to be safe in the knowledge that they are hiring a competent and experienced tester. This in turn helps in ensuring the safety of their employees and tenants.

NAPIT Registration Managing Director, David Cowburn said: “These updates are a welcome development for industry as PAT/FAT testers have found it difficult to prove their competence. Along with our members we are working hard to raise awareness of electrical safety, in turn inspiring confidence amongst employers and landlords as well as driving up electrical safety in the sector overall.”

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