New names added to SELECT’s ongoing campaign for regulation of the electrical industry

New names added to SELECT’s ongoing campaign for regulation of the electrical industry

MSP, manufacturers and contractors add their names to SELECT’s ongoing campaign for regulation of the electrical industry

The groundswell of backing for protection of title for electricians continues to grow after nine new additions to the Wall of Support being championed by campaigning trade association SELECT

Foysol Choudhury has become the latest MSP to pledge his allegiance to the body’s ongoing campaign for protection of title, along with four leading industry organisations and four electrical companies.

Businessman Mr Choudhury, who is the Labour MSP for Lothian, said: “I support SELECT’s campaign as poor electrical work can cause damage to homes and businesses, as well as posing a risk to lives.”

As well as Mr Choudhury, four SELECT Associate Member organisations have added their names – Building Safety Group, LINIAN, Flexel and Hager – along with SELECT member firms Stirling Electrical Services, RW Bell, John McNicol & Co and FT Davidson.

Mark Johnson, Communications and External Affairs Manager of the Building Safety Group, said“SELECT’s campaign to regulate electricians by introducing protection of title  will help electricians to better demonstrate that they have the relevant skills, knowledge, and expertise to practice their profession safely, and with less risk.”

Craig Herriott, Regional Manager of Flexel, added: “Flexel fully supports the campaign being run by SELECT to introduce the much-needed protection of title, which would ensure that the installation of our products is only carried out by appropriately qualified people. Public safety has to be a priority.”

Adding his brick, Scott McLean, Director and Owner of Stirling Electrical Services, said: “Regulating the electrical industry would ensure standards are raised and electrical safety is improved within the industry which in turn helps boost the safety standards to consumers and property.”

Launched in 2018, the Wall of Support shows the depth of support for SELECT’s long-running campaign for regulation and allows individuals, companies and organisations to demonstrate their backing for protection of title.

SELECT says the new additions clearly illustrate that support is still very much a live issue, with Managing Director Alan Wilson adding: “There is a continuing groundswell of support for our campaign and it is particularly heartening to see the wide range and variety of backers who approach us to play their part.

“It is great to attract support from political quarters and it is also very encouraging to see the number of manufacturers who want to help, as well as working electrical contractors.

“The campaign, which focuses on safety in the home and in businesses, has been a long, hard road, but there is a sense that we are entering the end game and we will continue to focus all our efforts in bringing it to a successful conclusion.”

By putting their names on a virtual brick in the Wall, supporters are taking a public stance underlines their backing for legislation in Holyrood which would make it an offence for someone to call themselves an electrician when they have no, or inadequate, qualifications.

As well as more than a third of MSPs, other bodies that have contributed a brick to the wall include the Unite the Union, Electrical Safety First, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the Scottish Association of Landlords, the and the Energy Saving Trust.

SELECT has been campaigning for years with other leading industry bodies, such as the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT) and the Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) to make sure that those who work in the industry do so in a safe and competent manner.

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