Northern Ireland electrician to enter the Den

Northern Ireland electrician to enter the Den

A Northern Ireland electrician turned entrepreneur will face the Dragons this weekend when he enters the Dragons’ Den.

David Gray, co-founder of Grays Clip Limited and inventor of a unique new stapling solution for electric cables called ViperClip, will appear on BBC Two this Sunday 15th March at 9pm.

After spending over 25 years having to manually hammer individual clips to secure electric cables to joists and unable to find any stapling products suitable for 240V cables, David decided to invent something himself. He took redundancy, sold his house and invested his life savings into bringing his idea to life.

The ViperClip solution is a re-chargeable battery powered staple gun that fires unique fully insulated cable staples (no conductive parts) designed for use with 240V cables.

David explains, “I’m an electrician myself and I’m very familiar with the frustrations of having to manually hammer individual cable clips, so I’ve designed ViperClip to make the job of securing 240V cables to joists significantly faster, easier and safer”.

After developing their prototypes David and his wife Julie decided it was time to face the Dragons.

Julie comments: “We were thrilled to get the opportunity to pitch to the Dragons. It was such an involved process that really filters out what you know – and what you don’t! It wasn’t easy, but it’s an experience we’ll definitely remember.”

Watch Dragon’s Den, Sunday 15th March at 9pm to see if sparks flew or if they had a pleasant shock.

You can find out more about ViperClip by clicking here


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