Ovia puts luminaires to the test

Ovia puts luminaires to the test

Ovia has made a significant investment in new testing equipment and a cutting-edge photometry luminaire testing scheme, which will bring the company’s light testing facility in-house.

The company has purchased its own Goniophotometer device and signed up to the revolutionary Gonio photometry luminaire testing scheme which has been created by the LIA, together with its partner Acal BFi, to enable lighting manufacturers to offer efficient third-party certified luminaire performance testing.

As well as radically speeding up the testing process for Ovia’s lighting products, the ground breaking scheme will also offer reassurance when it comes to validating photometric measurements, such as Lumens per Watt and related performance claims.

The Scheme is built around the class-leading Viso systems LapSpion goniometer. Its cutting edge technology eliminates the need for a traditional goniometer and/or integrating sphere and allows manufacturers to perform these tests quickly and accurately on their own premises, without the need for a large dedicated dark room. It gives participants the ability to scan light sources and luminaires quickly and easily, creating quality, easy to understand light measurement data.

Full photometric scans can take from as little as two minutes and, once ready, the data is sent securely via a dedicated cloud server to the LIA Laboratory for validation. The LIA Laboratory will then be able to issue third-party reports without the need for product samples to be transported around the country or the world.

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