PE readers talk day rates

PE readers talk day rates

PE took to Twitter to hear directly from our readership about a subject that always seems to spark debate: day rates.

The information acquired is based on the 333 Electricians/ Professional Electrician readers that took part in our twitter poll.

The aim of the poll was not to demean the pricing of individuals or to promote the highest rates as being the most common. The poll was to highlight two important things; the value that lies in communication amongst those in our industry and that the area you are working in should not dictate the rate that your skill and trade is worth.

Through the poll, conversation was created via our social channels which led to others encouraging their fellow sparky to ‘know their worth‘ in relation to their rates. It seemed that a common concern from our readers stemmed from ‘too many electricians allow[ing] the customer to dictate what standard they can work to, and how much you can charge.’

Here are the results:

We appreciate that there are many variables that could affect your rates, but this poll sheds some light on how a fellow spark might live.

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