RDM Engineer Climbs Kilimanjaro

RDM Engineer Climbs Kilimanjaro

An engineer at Swansea-based RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services has been recognised for her efforts after completing an immense challenge for an industry charity.

Rose Phillips, an engineer with the award winning electrical contracting and engineering company, was given the opportunity to represent the firm through taking on the ‘challenge for a cause’ Mount Kilimanjaro trek with the Electrical Industries Charity (EIC). With sponsorship from RDM and its supply chain partners, Rose was able to help raise funds for a family affected by the loss of a loved one to cancer.

With only three months training, she took on the challenge that aimed to raise £100,000 to support research into a rare form of cancer and help the Hendrie family to re-build their lives.

Christopher Hendrie, a fellow member of the engineering community, sadly lost his battle to cancer, and so the sector has been pulling together to do what it can to support his family.

The EIC is the national charity for all people from the electrical, electronics and energy industries. Rose, aged 29 from Gower, took on the 10-day Lemosho Route as part of the EIC expedition, which is widely considered to be the best route on Mount Kilimanjaro – the tallest free-standing mountain in the world.

“I’ve always been someone to take on a challenge, especially something a bit extreme. Mentally, the climb didn’t faze me but it did hit me when we arrived what I had ahead of me,” said Rose.

“The journey was gruelling and it was freezing during the nights. The ascent with all the weight in my backpack was tough and I really felt it on the first day. But finally reaching the Kilimanjaro summit and standing at the top with the team was amazing. It was over eight hours to the summit but it was timed so we reached the top for sunrise. With the glaciers and the view, it was stunning.

RDM Electrical-Rose-Phillips-kilimanjaro2

“Coming back down from the summit was the hardest part. I was exhausted and we had to walk through loose shale, which made it feel like I was sinking. All I wanted to do was reach camp and sit down as I was absolutely shattered.

“The challenge for a cause was one of the most testing experiences I’ve ever been through, but knowing we were completing it for such an important cause made it all worthwhile. We were given a letter of thanks and support from the Hendrie family, which just showed what it meant to them. The whole experience was very rewarding and I’m really glad I was a part of it thanks to RDM.”

David Kieft, ECA National President and Director of RDM Electrical and Mechanical Services, added: “We are really pleased we provided this unique opportunity to Rose, who we are incredibly proud of for successfully completing the Kilimanjaro trek, which raised money for our industry’s leading charity.

“We are dedicated to offering support to our engineers no matter what challenge they decide to undertake, and Rose deserves full credit for her efforts. Her willingness and determination to represent RDM to raise much needed funds for Christopher’s family and show our support to a fellow member of the engineering fraternity is truly admirable.”

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