Rolec EV and Wattif EV announce new partnership

Rolec EV and Wattif EV announce new partnership

Rolec EV and Wattif EV announce an ambitious partnership set to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the UK and Ireland.

One of Europe’s leading electric vehicle chargepoint manufacturers, Rolec EV, has entered into a strategic partnership with end-to-end EV charging provider, Wattif EV, offering both of their customer bases with a sophisticated hardware solution paired with accessible funding options.

Earlier this year, Wattif EV secured €50M from a leading Pan-European investment fund to underpin their strategy to become one of Europe’s leading destination charging providers. This new collaboration between Wattif EV and Rolec EV enables greater accessibility for landowners to install EV charging on their property and provides Wattif EV with a more diverse range of chargepoint hardware to further expand their offering.

Wattif EV’s flexible net revenue sharing model provides businesses, local authorities and land-owners a fully scalable and cost-effective solution for the adoption of EV charging infrastructure and aims to make the uptake of zero-emission travel simple and low risk. When partnered with Rolec EV’s comprehensive range of hardware solutions, Wattif EV has the capacity to provide their service to businesses of varied size and structure to widen their offering and further improve the success of the Government’s net-zero initiatives over the coming years.

Wattif EV will be making two funding options available to Rolec EV customers:

  • Turnkey solution; a fully funded complete turnkey solution, including hardware, chargepoint installation, maintenance and software. Meaning no risk of investment for the business.
  • Joint venture; Wattif EV will share the upfront capital cost. Wattif EV will take responsibility for installation, maintenance and operation but as equal partners, net revenue will be shared equally with the customer.

Together, Rolec EV and Wattif EV are championing accessibility within the electric transport sector via Wattif EV’s unique funding solution, driving the sustainable travel movement through a combined philosophy of quality and affordability.

Frankie Mellon, Sales Director at Rolec EV, had this to say:

‘We are delighted to announce that Rolec EV’s hardware has been approved to support the rollout of Wattif EV’s network throughout the UK and Ireland.

As approved chargepoint supplier for Wattif EV, Rolec EV will provide a comprehensive range of funded charging solutions to be integrated with Wattif’s software, allowing Wattif EV to provide a fully turnkey solution to customers.

Our collaboration with Wattif EV means that Rolec EV will now be able to provide a variety of funding options to our customer base, with a focus on making the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure more accessible to the wider market.’

Steve Rees, Wattif Managing Director for the UK & Ireland, added:

“Rolec’s smart EV charging hardware, combined with Wattif’s turnkey solution and funding options, is the perfect solution to enable everyone to install and operate EV charging in their car park.

Improvements to charging infrastructure and access to charge points play a key role in EV adoption, the elimination of range anxiety and the achievement of legislative targets for 2030.  Wattif EV UK is keen to address the EV charging demands across all sectors. Together as Rolec’s approved funding provider, I know we have a very convincing proposition for both new and existing installations to be managed on smart charging networks.

This partnership for Wattif EV provides Rolec clients and installers with turnkey funding models to help them on their route to net zero and transition to electric vehicle adoption.”

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